by Dottie Risch

  • Presidents of Skipperettes 1938-1995

  • History of Skipperettes: Part II

    As I perused the archives of Skipperettes for the next decade, this is a smooth running auxiliary: Held rummage sales, Bazaars, Bake Sales, Tolo Dances (when the girls ask the fellows), Skippers Night, Easter Egg Hunts for the children as well as Christmas Parties for the Children.

    Helping with the Heavy Weather Cruise weekend.

    Sponsoring the Girl Mariners: at one time there was a group called the Penguin Club (Doc. Foster made their sail boats) the parent group was the Peninsula Sailing Association. Also, for a short time there was a Junior Yacht Club made up of children of BYC and Skipperettes. These were disbanded later due to lack of interest.

    Purchasing needs for the galley and Club House generally was an on going project. So much so that at one point in 1951 the Finance Chairman had to remind the members they were willing to work toward such purchases "but the main purpose of our organization was social!" end of quotation.

    A Mrs. Ivy Leach is mentioned from time to time. She was the caretaker and lived in the back of the old Club House: a super person from what some of our senior members have told me. Some of the first Christmas Dinners and Heavy Weather Cruise breakfasts were prepared in her kitchen.

    Entertained Interclub groups and attended same.

    Earlier when the flooring for the old Club House porch was being discussed, special insert tiles were suggested such as a Burgee, Anchor, a Compass Rose. The Bureie was voted down as Skipperette Betty Yuhl thought it improper to walk on our Club Burgee. The Cloth Burgees were made by Skipperettes at a cost of 98 cents took 6 hours to make two.

    Christmas presents to the Skippers were a ventilating fan, a punch bowl, one year no present and a cart for the floats. When purchases for the galley and club house were heavy the presents for the Skippers were omitted sounds fair to me.

    The Treasury seemed sound -balances between $290 and $990 with operating expenses reported at $200. It was necessary to raise this amount in addition to what was needed for special projects throughout the year.

    Board meetings were started in 1953 -Helen Smith was President, Ann Haven Vice-President, Doris Anderson Treasurer, Florence Walton Corresponding Secretary, Joyce Finke Recording Secretary.


    • Doris and Marx Libby's daughter was born.
    • Skipperette Pins were available for $3.40.
    • Aided the Lions Club in an effort to raise funds for the Bremerton Swimming Pool.
    • President for this year was Joan Mathews -Vice President Maggie Mosher Recording Secretary Lilyan Williams -Corresponding Secretary Betty Yuw -Treasurer Helen Bender.


    Ladies room redecorated - Skippers were asked to repaint the toilet seat. They refused -- SO we did it ourselves and sent the bill for the paint to the Skippers!

    Through the years Skipper Contact was the Commodore's wife, who was also a Skipperette.


    The Galley Band was making a name for themselves playing at Coontz Junior High and the Lady Elks to name a few engagements.


    • Board Meetings started this year.
    • Sponsored the Girl Mariners.
    • Helen Smith was President.


    • Dues were raised to $3.00.
    • Girl Mariners were given a boat.
    • Ann Haven was President.
    • Reminded the membership that Auxiliary meant help.
    • Decided 15 members were a quorum.


    • Purchased dishes for the Galley, again.
    • Served 98 guests at our Interclub Luncheon.
    • Beulah Jurges was President.
    • First mention of Big Sisters for new members. I wonder why this idea was dropped and could it be reinstated?
    • A Box Lunch Social was held -a shoe box wrapped in brown paper tied with string. Doesn't that sound like fun?


    • Booth at Boat Show. Taking donation for the purchase of Sucia Island.
    • Jane Huston was President.

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