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Bulkhead Restoration 1992

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The waterfront bulkhead from the clubhouse to the marine railway had been in disrepair for a number of years. It had been installed in the early ‘50’s (I think) with land-fill behind it and over the years time and tide had taken their toll.

The bulkhead had “pooched” out in several places but it wasn’t severe enough to get put high up on the funded maintenance list. Then one day, after heavy winter rains, sink holes began to occur and safety lines restricting access had to be put up. This development catapulted this repair to the top of the list.

Estimates were obtained that ranged upwards of $100,000.00 for the repair. After much discussion, the Ecommittee recommended the repair to the floor for a vote. It was here that an irate and energetic Capt. Tex Dominy took the floor to challenge the membership of a “do-it-yourself” club to get off their collective “duffs” and do something. He also had a plan which he presented, which was adopted and subsequently executed the summer of 1992 for a cost of under $30,000! Capt. Dale Armstrong volunteered to be project leader and, with a lot of help did a great job.

By: P/C Bob Wheeler, Historian 10/2002.