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The 1930ies

On March 31st, 1930 it is officially recorded for the first time that the B.Y.C. was looking for a suitable piece of property to establish quarters and mooring facilities. During the year several pieces of property were appraised. In fact the club actually bought the island adjoining what is now the club site. However, after the property was obtained the club found they were denied a right of way through the adjoining property to get a road in to the island. So--they promptly sold the island.

On May 5th, 1930 a motion was made and carried that Mr. Marion Garland be appointed club Attorney, an office that he has held to this day. Apparently, legal assistance was needed in various matters such as incorporating and purchasing property, etc.

Also, the original loan fund from club members was started in this year, as funds were needed for the purchase of new property.

On May 12th, 1930 the first Club Steward was appointed by Commodore Haven. The distinction of being the first Club Steward goes to Captain H. Holman who was a favorite with everyone.

The original ladies auxiliary (not to be confused with the Skipperettes) was formed by the members’ wives on July 14th of 1930. Mrs. George Braendlein was the first President. This auxiliary worked with the Skippers on several occasions and really helped put their social gatherings over in a big way. On October 20th, 1931, the first navigation class was started. This was taken over by Vice Commodore Brooks. These classes have been more or less a regular feature of club meetings ever since this time.

Elmer Brooks

On February 16th, 1931, at the regular meeting, nominations were opened for the officers for the coming year. On the next meeting we note that the 11 By-Laws were thoroughly reread and amended. one of the chief changes was setting the elections back to the first of October and the installation of officers to be the first Monday of each January. Consequently, the installation of officers for 1931 took place on March 9th, 1931, with the officers to have only until the last of 1931 to remain in office. Elmer Brooks was installed as Commodore that year along with the following aides: Jan VanderStaay as Vice Commodore; Earl Moriarity as Rear Commodore; Floyd Phillips as Secretary and DeWitt Doyle as Treasurer. Commodore Brooks appointed C. S. Adams as Fleet Captain and Earl Moriarity as Club Steward. During this year of 1931 the club prospered and had a fine calendar of boating and social events. Possibly the most noteworthy was the following (as transcribed directly from the News Searchlight):

"The Bremerton Yacht Club and the Queen City Yacht Club, with 24 boats carrying more than 120 people, enjoyed a pleasant weekend cruise, with a day of sports and various entertainment and a clambake on Ostrich Bay, Sunday. members of the two clubs met at Fletcher Bay, Bainbridge Island on Saturday evening, departing from there at 9 o'clock Sunday morning. Due to the fact that there was no adequate float in Bremerton for landing purposes, the party cruised through Washington Narrows to Ostrich Bay for the day. The Queen City Club group included the following boats and members:

Eleanor Francis, Captain E. l. Wolfe and a party of 4; Swanna, Captain C. J. Solid and eight; Nowita, Captain F. C. Dean and seven; Hypathia, Captains James and Thurlow and party of five; Malola, Captain Coy and party of five; Bunny, Captain Vosper and four passengers; Trix, Captain Rockett; Naughty Marietta, Captain Pelz and four; Veronica II, Captain Kane, party of five; Charles III, Captain N. Mortensen, party of three; Starlight, Captain l. E. Bliss carrying nine; M-904, Captain Dan Trapp, four in party; Sea Dog, Captain Thwing, party of six; Winifred C., Captain Strobel and six Seattle people.

From Bremerton were the Lorelei, Commodore Brooks and six people; Marge, Captain Haven with Rear Commodore E. Moriarity and party of five; Spare Time, Vice Commodore VanderStaay and two in party; Romulus, Captain Christensen and seven on board;

Hasta Manana, Captain Smith and party of nine; M3579, Captain Hillbery and party of five; Leone, Captain Lague and party of four; Ina Jane, Fleet Captain Adams and two in party.

Members of the Bremerton Yacht Club unanimously declared the cruise to be the most enjoyable event since the club was formed more than three years ago, and anticipate the cruise August 1 and 2 to Possession Head where they will meet the Queen City Club and Everett Yacht Club for a beach picnic. At a future date the Bremerton Club will entertain the Queen City Club at a ladies night at the clubhouse on the Charleston Dock".

Jan VanderStaay

On January 4th, 1932 Commodore Brooks installed the following new officers for 1932: Jan VanderStaay, Commodore; Earl Moriarity, Vice Commodore: C. S. Adams, Rear Commodore: DeWitt Doyle, Treasurer and Floyd Phillips as Secretary. Commodore VanderStaay then appointed Captain Brooks as the Fleet Captain for 1932; Fred Brauer as Chairman of the House Committee; and Earl Moriarity as Club Steward.

During the year of 1932 several new innovations were put in effect, some of which have lasted through the years. However, more and more effort was put forth to purchase a suitable piece of property so that the club could relocate. The energy expended on this project all went for naught as nothing was purchased. The main reason for this was the old "boogy-man" --finances. The club had an average of $60 in the Treasury and that's all folks. Things haven't changed much, have they? Quite a lot of time was spent in trying to interest somebody in a Puget Sound Yachting Association and a Federation of Yacht Clubs, but nothing was gained. One interesting piece of information is that the club almost purchased the old bark "W. B. Flint", an old Libby-McNeil cannery ship, to use as a clubhouse. This also was not successful, but at least the club fathers were in there pitchin'.

On August 22, 1932 the club actually went so far as to vote to buy some property on Oyster Bay, but there is no record of the deal ever being closed. So it doesn't look like we'll have to pay any taxes on that anyway. Guess what! The By-laws were amended again. Rewritten and reread and voted on too, by golly! This time the main change was that all flag officers should be boat owners and that the Secretary and Treasurer's offices should be combined. Outside of these items very little was accomplished in the forward march of the B.Y.C.

C.S. Adams

C. S. Adams was elected Commodore on November 29th, 1932 along with Harry Pritchard as Vice Commodore and Gib Palmer as Rear Commodore. George Braendlein was installed as the combination Secretary-Treasurer. Commodore Adams appointed Dr. Ray Schutt as Fleet Surgeon; a Regatta Committee composed of Captain Pritchard, Doyle and Braendlein; and Entertainment Committee consisting of Captains Palmer, Moriarity and VanderStaay and Captain Phillips as Fleet Captain.

H.O. Pritchard

And so we’ll pass along to the next year. This year Past Commodore Phillips again acted as installing officer and installed Harry Pritchard to be Commodore for 1934 along with Gibb Palmer as Vice Commodore and George Brandling as Rear Commodore and Clarence Adams (the old faithful) as Secretary-Treasurer. Commodore Pritchard appointed Lewis Tucker as Fleet Captain with a well balanced staff of other standing committees. In this year of 1934 the Nanaimo (Capitol to Capitol) race was the main topic of conversation. This was the first year that Bremerton was going to have an entry. Many meetings were devoted to a thorough study of all phases of this race.