BYC Lighted Boat Parade

"Messages from Santa" cannot be accepted after 5:00pm one day before the parade.

You want Santa to call out a message from the water?

You want to ask Santa to deliver a message to your family or friends assembled for viewing the Parade?

Contacting Santa

You can fill out the following form and have the information sent directly to Santa:


Phone #:  


DAY (FRI/SAT) of viewing:  

House/Street address or name of park while viewing parade (important)

(Lat/long of viewing location if it doesn’t plot properly on Bing Maps) (important)

Addresses are mapped with Bing Maps. It is important to verify that your location is mapped properly with this application (Lat/long of viewing location, if it doesn’t plot properly on Bing Maps).

Message (with Names if you like):

You can contact us at