1. Introduction: This contest shall be conducted under the Standard Rules of the International Power Boat Association, 1995 Edition with changes dated through 1/3/98 and as modified by these Special Rules. A copy of the standard rules is available on request and can be obtained from the Contest Committee.

IPBA rules require that contestants operate in a safe manner in compliance with all Pilot Rules, Rules of the Road and Navigational Law, including local laws enacted by proper authority applicable to the Contestant’s cruiser in the area where the contestant is operating (Rule No. 8.I). Failure to comply with the Rules of the Road will result in a l% penalty or disqualification (Rule No.14.A).

2. Observers: Observers will be provided to all contestants registered on or before February 16, 2002. Contestants who register after that date may have to provide an exchange observer. Observers will be provided when your logs are submitted to the Contest Committee. Observers are honored guests on your boat. Please make them feel welcome, and take the time to let them know how you did.

3. Logs: Predicted Logs and Contest Logs shall be completed in ink and shall be submitted to the Contest Committee in the clubhouse between 0900 and 1130 on the day of the contest. The completed and signed Contest Log shall be returned to the Contest Committee in the clubhouse prior to 1600 on contest day. It is recommended that the total error in seconds and handicapped percentage of error be calculated and entered on your log prior to turning in your Contest Log. The Contest Committee will accept Contest Logs only when submitted with the Contestant and Observer present together. NOTE - Contest logs may be penalized if data has not been entered in all shaded areas on the log.

4. IPBA Numbers: IPBA numbers must be displayed port, starboard and astern and be visible. They will be available for purchase for $10.00 during the morning log check-in. Race flags will also be available for purchase at that time.

5. Time: Time shall be Pacific Standard Time (PST). The official timepiece will be located at the Registration Desk. This time will be set to GPS time.

6. Stop Watches: A stop watch will be allowed only for timed runs, time outs and verification of official time by the observer in accordance with Rule No. 8.O. Only a stop watch will be used for timed runs and shall be available to the Observer who shall confirm the proper time has been run. The stopwatch shall be cleared and stopped when its use is no longer permitted.

7. Throttles: Throttles may be adjusted during the contest to vary engine RPM from the basic RPM shown on the log by plus or minus 10 percent (10%).

8. Flat Water Speed: Flat Water Speed is the speed of your boat at the basic Cruise RPM shown on your Contest Log without consideration for wind or current.

9. Predicted Speed: Predicted Speed in knots is determined by multiplying the Official Mileage by 3600 and dividing by the total number of predicted seconds to complete the course. Predicted Speed shall be rounded to the nearest tenth.

10. Handicap: The current IPBA handicap as set forth in the Standard Rule Book shall be used to determine the net percentage of error. For predicted speeds of less than 7.0 knots, the handicap for 7.0 knots shall be used. For predicted speeds of more than 23.0 knots, the handicap for 23.0 knots shall be used.

11. Navigation Aids: Electronic ranging devices may not be used.

12. Chart: The recommended charts for this contest are 18446 and 18449.

13. Official Mileage: The official mileage of this contest is 22.3, which cannot be exceeded.

14. Finish Classes: There are five finish time brackets in this contest.

Finish Class		Flat Water Cruise Speed (knots)	 	  	Finish Time
	1			8.00 and under				1330-1340
	2			8.01 to 8.50 inclusive			1345-1355
	3			8.51 to 9.00 inclusive			1400-1410
	4			9.01 to 9.50 inclusive			1415-1425
	5			9.51 and over				1430-1440

15. Awards: Plaques and trophies will be awarded Sunday morning following breakfast to First, Second and Third places overall and to the first three places in each of five classes in accordance with IPBA Rules. The following additional awards will also be made: Heavy Weather Trophy (perpetual) to the club with the overall first place winner; P/C Grady Barrentine Heavy Weather Team Trophy (perpetual) to the club with the best four scores, (i.e., lowest combined net error); and Heavy Weather Novice Plaque to the contestant placing highest overall who is participating in this contest for the first time.

Have a successful race and enjoy Heavy Weather Weekend.

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