The Sunday after Oro Bay found a lucky few enjoying the BYC Annual Salmon Bake on the 9th. Chef Al Gonzalez rustled up the usual Salmon Bake Crew, and they all worked together like clockwork. This worked great for the process of mentoring Kevin McStay, to be this years Chairman, and to fully take the helm next year. The salmon run this year was pretty sparse, but BYC members were able search around and find a local fisherman who finally managed to catch enough fresh salmon for Al to season and serve up. PC Carr made an early Sunday morning run to his secret farm, where he procured some wonderful corn only a few hours off the stalk, while Joanne Gonzalez worked her magic on the rice. A side of Cole slaw and fresh sliced bread complemented the salmon, rice and corn, followed by ice cream bars, and meant that everyone had a mouth watering meal that canít be beat. To top it off, there was plenty left over for everyone to take an extra plate or two home. Mark your calendars for the same time next year, and letís have a great turnout to support the hardworking team that makes this event so memorable every year. [Source]

Photos: S Wilson & U Krumme

A Well Deserved Rest for Al & Kevin After Managing the Largest Annual Salmon Bake on Rocky Point

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