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The Veteranís Day Bell Harbor Cruise was well, uhhh a Sailor's Dream. It was blowing 30 plus knots and the Elixir was reaching with double reef and then right in the worst, I mean best of it, I heard my four year old suddenly yell out "Da-DEEEE". I yelled back "John John are you ok??". John replied "I can't stay awake". John then immediately collapsed head first, wearing his Helmet and foulies, John didn't wake up until we were tied up a couple of hours later, next to Reality Check. Later on that night we were on hand to greet our newest members Kevin, Lori and Sara McStay who undaunted, made the crossing and even decided to remodel their Dodger in an apparent effort to enjoy the view of Seattle in the teeth of a Blooming Gale on the way over.

The next day Jenny and John enjoyed taking in the sights of the City, including a jaunt to the Market, and El Puerto for lunch. Thank you to P/C Fleet Captain Leo Longenecker for coordinating dinners, a cinnamon roll & coffee breakfast and a contest to boot. We arrived on Reality Check at 3pm Saturday to compare our Quintessential Seattle Findings and to ascertain who spent the most money in Town. Of course, objects from the Old Curiosity Shop, Pikeís Market and Starbucks were all taken for honorable mention and everyone had fun comparing souvenirs. We dined on wine and cheese and many other scrumptious delicacies before heading out for Dinner and Flamenco Dancing at a popular Argentenian Restaurant. Everything there was delicious, including the sweet potato fri! es and especially the steak. When the music was turned up high and the dancers leaped on the Bar, we all cheered: Leo and Stacy promised to perform such a Flamenco dance for everyone at Heavy Weather. Captain McStay was heard to comment that Flamenco dancers were all very well and good but couldn't compare to the "Bremaluahula" that he and his ensemble are going to perform at the Brem-a-loha. [Source: Vice Commodore]

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