Reports from the Bridge

October 2016

Welcome everyone to the start of our Fall Season, it's hard to believe Summer is behind us. I would like by start out with a BIG Thank You to our fantastic Fleet Captain(s) Stacy & PC Leo Longenecker for an outstanding performance over the Summer months. Please sign up early for their upcoming cruise to Bell Harbor on October 21st - 23rd. We have a Work Party scheduled for Saturday & Sunday October 8th & 9th. If you have any questions please contact Captain Ray Henderson. I would also like to remind (or ask) for everyone's support in expressing our gratitude to VC John & Nina Burwell & RC Phil & Susan LeBas for their commitment to our Club by joining Rose & I at the upcoming Junior Officer Ball here on Saturday October 15th. The Junior Officers from the Grand 14 will be in Costume. However, as Club members costume is optional, no casual dress please. It has been another fantastic Summer for Membership, under the direction of Captain John Watson, Thank You! I would however like to remind everyone, that if you are signing as a Sponsor for a new member, you are EXPECTED to take on the responsibility of mentoring and acclimating these individuals into the Club. Not just putting your name down on a piece of paper.

In closing a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately".

We look forward to seeing everyone at our events and around the Club,

Commodore Dan Saikkonen