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Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2015

This has been a very intense and exciting time for Nina and me. By the time this Towline is published, Nina and I will be approaching Port Harvey on the third leg of the Alaska 2015 Predicted Log Race. Memories of the chaos of getting through the budget season, preparing the boat for our summer long cruise, and proceeding through the BYC officer installation will likely have softened a bit. What will not have lessened will be our memories of all of the great sentiments passed to us during the installation and celebration afterwards by so many members. Our membership is truly generous, and both Nina and I are so honored to be received into this new position with such friendship. We look forward to getting to know many more of you through the club activities (nobody wanted to know me when I was working budgets!) and also look forward to participating with our new counterparts in the Grand 14. Thank you all for your very warm reception, and, after returning the end of July, we look to seeing you more around the club.

Which brings me to upcoming events. This summer we will again have the monthly Picnics in the Park. June starts off with a Hamburger and Hot Dog barbeque on June 17th. Angela Zimmerman is the Committee Chair and will gladly accept any assistance from those able to help. The picnic will begin at 1800 – be on the lookout for an event flyer soon. Planning for the July 15 picnic is still a work in progress and details will be provided as we get closer. To cap off the summer, plan on a return of the pig roast on Sunday, August 16. I guess that’s good enough reason to get back early from the summer cruise!

I hope you all have the opportunity to take up our new Commodore’s challenge to get your boats out in these magnificent waters this summer. Please feel free to let me or my fellow bridge officers know of any things we can do to help the club be of more value t o your boating endeavors.

John Burwell
Rear Commodore