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Reports from the Bridge

February 2016

Hello all,

We began January with the “Un-Decorating” of the Club House.  Many thanks to Flo and Don Floyd in particular and also to the many others that helped take all of the decorations down and pack everything away.  Next year, we will be looking for plenty of agile and short people like me to traipse under the deck and into the clubhouse cellar to once again pull everything out, but hopefully the many new plastic bins we packaged everything in will make it all easier.

January has also been a busy month representing BYC at various events.  We had the Winter Officer Cruise-In hosted by QCYC at Eagle Harbor on the second weekend of January (also known as Seahawks at Minnesota – Yeay!).  There, the Grand 14 Commodores were acknowledged in varying degrees from roasting to tributes by their Junior Officers.  The following weekend was a Junior Officer Ball hosted by Edmonds Yacht Club.  There, the theme was Winter Wonderland, which led to a broad array of costumes (and a frigid Seahawks first quarter – Yuck!).  Finally, the First of Season Predicted Log Race at QCYC and the Casa Blanca themed JO Ball at MBYC will take place on the fourth weekend.  As of writing this article (early January), if I could predict my log race place finish, I would either joyously proclaim my results here, or re-edit this whole paragraph and make any mention of the race disappear.

February will be equally as active.  The Commodore has already mentioned Heavy Weather.  As an active log racer and International Power Boat Association (IPBA) flag officer, I can’t help myself from also heavily encouraging our club participation in this event.  This is THE PREMIER BYC EVENT that involves boaters from throughout the Puget Sound.  We can use racers, race observers, SKIT DIRECTORS and SKIT PARTICIPANTS, and others to enjoy our various events to promote this great PIRATES OF THE PUGET SOUND event.  Please let me or Regatta for Power Chair Rick Randall know if you can help in any way.

Watch for information on the Saint Patrick’s Day Cruise-In to Brownsville the weekend of 11-13 April and for sure, don’t miss the Easter Bunny appearance at the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt at 1:00 on April 26th.  I know I won’t!

RC John

John Burwell
Rear Commodore