Reports from the Bridge

March 2016

This year's Heavy Weather Weekend was a huge success. The work party effort the weekend prior made the club sparkle and also prepped it for the Feb 16 Clean Marina walk around. The Friday night dinner under PC Don and Donna Park, the Saturday night dinner under Paula Lewis and the Sunday breakfast under John Watson were punctual, delicious and plentiful. Paula's cream puffs were especially decadent.

Rick Randall, Regatta for Power chair did a superb job designing and organizing the entire race. He was ably assisted by his lovely first mate, Cynthia who oversaw the recruitment and assigning of all the observers. Thanks very much to this power couple.

Our own Chuck Silvernail took overall first place. His name appears now four or five times on the Heavy Weather plaque. We also won the team trophy consisting of Chuck Silvernail, John Burwell, Mike Henry and Jim VanAntwerp.

As the theme was the Pirates of Puget Sound pirates and pirate wannabes were in abundance. The skits provided by Rainier and Tacoma were hilarious and very well received. Commodores Durfee and Krueger of Rainier and Tacoma respectively made their broadway debuts in their respective skits. Visiting commodores Higgins, Heany, and Lubowicki of Gig Harbor, Day Island, and Poulsbo plus our very own distinguished PC Bruins made up the illustrious judges panel. Although plied heavily with bribes the integrity of the panel was not to be compromised and the final score of 196-194 in favor of Rainier YC was the tally. Rainier wrested the coveted rubber clam gun from Tacoma in close contest.

The entertainment after the dinner, skits, judges' deliberations and Log race awards was provided by DJ David Rose of Mobile sound. His selection of music and wonderful ability to adjust the volume appropriately was terrific. So often with entertainment guests have to shout to be heard but not so with David of Mobile Sound. Nice job and thanks. The Congo line later that evening was the longest I have seen in ages. What a hoot!!!

Put on your calendar the March 6 breakfast provided by our lovely and talented Skipperettes and the Club Cruise to Brownsville March 11-13.

Nautical trivia: Cut and run" - make a quick escape by cutting your cable rather than taking the time to weigh anchor.

Mike Murray