Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2016

A look back and a look ahead. Happy New Year Shipmates. As I review the year this is what I see. Our Memorial Day Cruise saw 24 boats and almost 60 attendees by boat or car and a terrific time. The two picnics in the park each saw record and increasing attendance. The pig roast, despite the burned pig and burning trees promptly doused by the fire department, was a huge hit with record attendees again. The Labor Day Cruise with 32 boats and almost 90 attendees, by boat or car was an event for the ages. Our Salmon bake and the Oktoberfest feasts were likewise superbly attended. The Halloween cruise saw heavy rain and high winds accompanied by high spirits. Two dinner meetings with guest speakers from the Coast Guard and the Weather Guy Mr. Lee Chesneau were informative and made us better and safer boaters. The Children's Christmas Party, Special People's Cruise, and the Christmas Dinner too were all brilliantly conducted. As I write this fourteen boats are marshaling for the first of our two lighted boat parades.

So, in summary for 2015, I ask you to congratulate yourselves on terrific planning, production and participation.

I look forward to 2016 with great anticipation. Check the calendar for the January America's Boating Course, a cruise to Poulsbo, Spaghetti feed, February Heavy Weather, March a cruise to Brownsville and a dinner meeting with a Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day presentation by the Admiralette, the Children's Easter Egg Hunt and party, April Daffodil in Tacoma, Seattle Opening Day first weekend in May, BYC awards night and Change of Watch. So there is certainly something for everyone.

I continue to be impressed and delighted by the participation of our club members. Current members, a boatload of enthusiastic new members, the bridge, flag officers, executive committee, store personnel, and Past Commodores have all been such a joy to work with during my tenure. Above that I am ecstatic that so many members used their boats as much as they did. It delights me to no end that my late grandfather's words to get the boat out and "knock some grass off the hull" have apparently been heeded. He would be pleased. The bottom line is we are a yacht club so use the boats.

Happy New Year, shipmates! Is this a great club or what?!

Nautical Trivia: Took the wind out of his sails - Often we use "took the wind out of his sails" to describe getting the best of an opponent in an argument. Originally it described a battle maneuver of sailing ships. One ship would pass close to its adversary and on its windward side. The ship and sails would block the wind from the second vessel, causing it to lose headway. Losing motion meant losing maneuverability and the ability to carry on a fight.

Mike Murray