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Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2014

Hello fellow members. It's hard to believe that another month has passed, and it's already October. September has been a busy month, and October looks to be much the same. It is very nice to be back into the season of General Meetings, giving us the opportunity to see one another more regularly. It also means the Holiday season is quickly approaching, giving us even more times for fellowship. It has been very heart warming to see the participation at our Club events during the busy summer months. Rose and I are looking forward to that support continuing and growing over the coming months. It was wonderful seeing everyone out for the 1st General Meeting, and the input given. It's important to remember that this Club is “all of ours”, and it takes all of our support and talents to keep things going in a forward direction.

As VC Mike Murray has mentioned, don't forget to get your names on the sign up sheets for the upcoming Bremerton Junior Officers Ball October 11th. This is honoring not only “our” Clubs Junior Officers, but those of the entire Grand 14. It sends the others an important message when they see a large number of our members showing their appreciation of the time (and money) invested by these Officers to help make our Clubs strong. These Grand 14 functions also give us officers the opportunity to share best practices with one another to help keep the momentum going in the right direction.

In closing, I would like to personally request any time you may have available to assist in projects around the Club. We don't need to only have work parties. Look at our refurbishing as an example. There are items that just need manpower to move from one place to another. Yes, many tasks require special needs, but not all of them. Remember the words of our individual obligations, along with those repeated for every member. “We manage the Club through volunteer committees. All social functions and operation efforts are performed by the members”.

Thoughts from our Chinese cookies: “It takes guts to get out if the ruts.” But, “It is the hope and dreams we have that make us great.”

We look forward to seeing everyone at our events and around the Club,

Dan Saikkonen
Rear Commodore