Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2014


Take care of your thoughts when you are alone and take care of your words when you are with people.


By design, the remodel of the old Caretaker’s Quarters into a new Member use space has been going on behind closed doors to avoid disturbing the store’s operation or the quiet comfort of our Members while enjoying our current lounge area. With the activities of the remodel being behind closed doors, Mike Laird and Bob VanGeystel have been operating in virtual secrecy. If you’ve had an opportunity to visit the “construction site” you will see the amazing progress these two have made. I thought maybe they had become full time employees of the Club while in reality they have been volunteering their labor and expertise to remodel the facilities. It seems like every time I come into the Club, they are back there hammering, measuring and sawing away. Next time you see either one of them give them a big “thank you”!


The weekend of January 26th found Crystal and me at the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club’s JO Ball working very hard in two respects. First, as always, we were working very hard to represent the BYC in a manner that would make our Members proud. With 12 of our JO Balls now behind us, the second and much more difficult task was that of preventing our waists from expanding while working hard at succeeding at number one above. While all of the JO Balls have been a challenge in this regard, I will use the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club JO Ball as an example. With a London Broil centered dinner on Friday night followed by a delightful array of desserts; coupled with the Seafood Bisque and Baked Ling Cod main course on Saturday night, again, followed by a delectable dessert; followed by the Sunday morning breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, croissants, potatoes, etc., etc., etc. the challenges to Crystal and me, as well as the sacrifices we both make on behalf of our Club, are becoming too obvious!  

If you got the impression by reading my comments about the MBYC JO Ball being a delectable challenge and you are not quite sure how anyone can find the stamina to deal with all these events, then you should know that the Gig Harbor Yacht Club’s JO Ball on the weekend of February 8th was no walk in the park either! It was another weekend of incredible food, fantastic friendships and was, in short, a never-ending highlight film. We did get one break in our rigorous schedule, however, and that was the cancellation of the traditional Sunday morning breakfast due to…SNOW!

Our annual Heavy Weather weekend was a success due entirely to the effort put forth by our Members. My area of responsibility centered on the Saturday night dinner and the skits. I want to thank Nena Andrews who Chaired the dinner for us and who was instrumental in seeing that all 150 (approximate) people were fed a tasty meal of grilled chicken, potato salad, baked beans and a dinner roll with a variety of cookies for dessert. Nena could not have done it alone, though, so I want to also thank Dixon and Kathi Dorr, Rick Walker, Kathi Kirschner, Phil Lebas, Cheryl VanGeystel, LeAnn Derror (photographer), J.R. Collier (sound technician) and Darin Haustveit  (Master of Ceremonies). Thank you…thank you…thank you!!


The month of March will feature the second to the last of our 14 JO Balls at the Tyee Yacht Club on Lake Union. I do believe it might be time for a hunger strike!

With warm personal regards,

Ray Norton