Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2013

It was wonderful to see so many members in attendance at the first meeting following our Labor Day cruise down to Oro Bay. It was evident that there would be some interest in discussion of the current status of our Towline distribution, so it was no surprise that a motion was presented to have our Towline distribution go back to hard copy. It was the vote of the membership to do away with the paper copy of our newsletter and it very well could be brought back once more – by the majority vote of the membership. If the decision – one way or the other – is important to you, please be sure to make your vote count by being in attendance at our next General Meeting (10/7). Some will be displeased with the outcome while others may not care at all. One thing is certain – not everyone will be happy whichever way it goes. You can be present to make your voice heard and be a part of the majority – or not.

Speaking of the Towline, I’d like to express my gratitude once again to Lee Anne Derror for stepping up to take over as our new Towline Editor. For a first time issue, I feel she did a great job! I appreciate the kindness of those who kept a positive note on what was missing in the September issue. Given that Lee Anne didn’t have much time for a learning curve, the alternative to her doing her darn best, would have been no issue at all! Input for the Towline should be directed to Lee Anne. Any member is welcome to contribute pic

Last month Fleet Captain Cinde Bannon and Captain Troy Landis introduced the BYC Pirates to the annual Anderson Island Labor Day parade believing that this was the theme. After the planning it was discovered that “Think Green” was the "new" theme and we just didn’t get the word in time. Regardless, we had a few members who were able to add some greenery to their outfits, but none could have out dressed Captain Roger and Jackie Phillips in any color! I’m told that we will have pictures showing off costumes along with scenes of the weekend events. While our gathering was smaller than in the past, the level of enjoyment and enthusiasm for those present certainly was not diminished at all! There were several members who arrived for a one-nighter and then departed for other scheduled events elsewhere. A reminder to those who feel they can’t attend the weekend events: you will always be welcomed to attend for whatever time you can come by whatever means necessary! Just come!

Our upcoming meeting (10/7) will have X-Commodore Rob Bruins being initiated into the PC Club. We’ll also be holding election for the position of 3rd Year Planning due to resignation of Bob Lewis. And lastly, we’ll be voting on the two proposals presented at last month’s meeting: no smoking perimeter at the club and revision to wording in Regulation Section A.32.c.

Looking ahead, December is not as far off as we’d like it to be. Coming up Sunday, 12/1 is our Special Peoples Cruise. We’ll be looking for assistance with so please check with Chair Susan LaBas on how you can help us make this another successful event. Plans are already in the works for the annual Christmas Dinner scheduled for Sunday, 12/15. Please watch for details regarding these events in the Towline and on the club bulletin boards.

Hope to see many of you at the upcoming Halloween Cruise to Bremerton Marina where Fleet Captain Cinde and her trusty Captain Troy have a spooktacular event planned out October 25, 26, & 27th.

Until next time . . .
Commodore Mona-Lisa