Reports from the Bridge

Sep 2013

Greetings to All!

Our summer is quickly fading away and were now gearing up for our season of meetings and more social events. While many of you have been enjoying the summer with well deserved (Im being optimistic here!) rest and relaxation, the Executive Committee and Bridge Officers have been carrying on the business of the club.

By the time you read this, many of us will have enjoyed another great time down at our Oro Bay Outstation. Fleet Captain Cinde Bannon and her Captain Troy Landis planned a pirate themed weekend. Im sure well see details about this in the next Towline edition.

This issue of the Towline is only in its second electronic edition. There are a few members who have expressed their displeasure of not having the hard paper copy but the majority of the membership appears to have accepted this money saving option easily enough. For those of you who just cant live without the hard copy, simply print it out. Going completely electronic will result in savings of several thousand dollars annually, not to mention a team work of labor. And speaking of labor where the Towline is concerned, Warren deCamp has resigned his position of Towline Editor due to health reasons. He and and his worthy assistant/wife, Caroll Lee spent plenty of hours managing the incoming articles, formatting them into the template, folding, stapling, and shuttling the completed product to the contracted mailer since 2009. I can tell you from personal experience that the process takes a lot of time and energy to ensure that the Towline reaches both the web site and our mail boxes in a timely manner. Warren has done a splendid job as our Towline Editor these past years and deserves our sincere thanks! And of course, his worthy assistant, Caroll Lee equally as much!

Lee Anne Derror accepted this newly vacant position without much hesitation. Having experience producing newsletters with other organizations, she wont have any problem managing the Towline. Due to differences in applications from one Editor to another, you may notice some formatting changes while she gets into the groove. We appreciate your kind understanding during this transition.

What you may not notice is some of the hard work that has taken place on our docks. Thanks to Norm Smith and his crew of four who took care of replacement of rods and walers, cleats, factory repaired floats. They updated some wiring to handle the higher amp outlets which were installed previously.These guys were working about four weeks to complete this project. More noticeable is the finished work on the east and west clubhouse doors which was done by Tom Hamilton, Owen Ritter, Dave M. Miller and Gene Paxton. The flooring inside the doorway is also a great improvement and has garnered many positive comments!

Some reminders:
Our first meeting of the month (09/16) we will have some By-Law changes presented for membership vote, so all are encouraged to attend. If youre a smoker or are paying for moorage, you should be interested in attending. Remember that even if youre not present at any of the meetings, our website is your source of information! You can view all the meeting minutes from both the Executive Committee and the General Meeting online. Stay informed by checking out this information on a regular basis.

Please remember to mark your calendar for October meetings, too. At our first General Meeting in October [7th], X-Commodore Rob Bruins will be initiated into the PC Club.

Second General Meeting in October [21st] will start with dinner being served at 5:30 pm. followed by our meeting at 7:00 pm. Web Master Jerry Wein will show us what information can be found on the website and how to navigate it easily. Aside from reading the current news about the club, you can also find your current points, work party hours, and read up on our By-Laws and Regulations.

Last and FINAL call to members to get their updated information to Annual Chair Leslie Hunt! Its been reported that phone numbers are incorrect, email address no longer used, and more obvious, members or boats have changed. Please help Leslie produce our annual with the information and pictures you want included.

Im looking forward to this coming year with the whirlwind of Commodore Balls to attend and gathering with my Grand 14 counterparts. Friendships has solidified as we visit each other on the water, at home, and at events which have nothing to do with boating! I also look forward to and appreciate the continued support from the BYC family who have made this journey a great experience for me.

See you soon!
Commodore Mona-Lisa

October 21st Dinner Meeting5:30 PM Dinner served7:00 PM Meeting Begins
Menu to be announced at next meeting.