Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2013

Greetings to All!

July was a month of incredible days with high temperatures and blue skies. Iíve seen several of our snow birds returning to relax in our gorgeous summer months (or weeks as it sometimes turns out to be!) and even take out their boats. Itís great to see members coming in to relax on the deck, or enjoy a spontaneous gathering in our picnic shelter. All that we have to use is due to the dedication and hard work of a number of our members. The picnic shelter provides a fantastic meeting place in the outdoor air. A picnic lunch or even a BBQ is wonderful out there! Remember that unless the picnic area is specifically reserved for a memberís function you can enjoy these open spaces. Of course itís most important to remember that you are also responsible to clean up the area upon finishing!

I bring up the usage of the club because I continue to have members asking me why canít we canít have more, other, or different types events at our club. Well, the answer to that is Ė we have. Weíve listened to the comments and suggestions and put time and effort in bringing forth such events. Itís disappointing to have little or no participation after all our work. At this point, I can only suggest that those of you wanting to Ďput oní a gathering, you can do so. You simply need to make sure you are mindful of when the club hall or picnic shelter has been reserved for a private function. Again, I must point out that members are responsible for ensuring that the area(s) are completely cleaned up and all garbage removed. After the last big bag has been removed, if you find just a Ďlittle bit moreí please donít toss the garbage into an unlined receptacle and wait for someone else to clean up after you. Be prepared with small plastic shopping bags to remove the last bits of your trash! Members that come behind you will appreciate your consideration.

We do have a fraction of members who have been making great use of their time (even when there is little to spare!) for the benefit of our club and members. Iím speaking of the marina repair thatís been happening down on the docks. The A-String rebuild is going very well thank to the four man work crew headed up by Norm Smith. A report will be provided by Norm upon completion of this project.

August 9 through 11 we will have visitors from the Grand 14 for the August Officerís Cruise In. There will a number of them arriving by boat, so please be prepared. If you plan to be away in your boat or donít plan on taking it out for the weekend, please let our new Rear Commodore Mike Murray know. If would be greatly appreciated if you would allow usage of your shed or agree that your shed can be blocked to allow for tying up.

Our next cruise will follow at the end of August for the Labor Day weekend cruise down to our Oro Bay outstation. Fleet Captain Cindi Bannon has planned a fantastic weekend event for all to enjoy. To our newer members, I encourage you to take out your boats Ė or make the drive down Ė to visit our outstation. Children are most welcome! We expect that you bring the family to enjoy our outstation. While Cindi has planned the weekend out, we know that there are those of you who are seeking rest and relaxation. No worries. Those with the energy to participate in the fun and games will have just as good a time as those of you sitting in quiet solitude reading your book or playing a card game for two.

Following the Labor Day cruise, weíll be coming together for the first General Meeting on September 16th. I look forward to seeing you there!

Commodore Mona-Lisa

October 21st Dinner Meeting5:30 PM Ė Dinner served7:00 PM Ė Meeting Begins
Menu to be announced at next meeting.