Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2014

As clubs go, Bremerton Yacht Club is really no different than any other that Iíve been involved with. There are a number of long standing members who have stated that (the dedicated) 20% of the membership provides all the time, effort and energy to provide 70% of the membership social events theyíve come to expect and enjoy, as well as a well-organized social club we can all be proud to be a part of.

The remaining 10% of the membership simply donít show any interest at all.†

Over the past eight years Iíve heard every complaint spoken loud enough for others to hear by those who are only interested in hearing themselves speak out loud in the event that perhaps another soul cares to validate their complaint.† This behavior creates an environment that separates and alienates members. My experience has taught me that no matter what we do or how we do it, there will always be those who will criticize harshly.†

For the good of the club, I ask that the membership focus on what is good and make it better! Be a part of the change you wish to see in our great club! Choose not to criticize but to step up and help make change happen. Suggestions for change that are not self-serving should be shared with enthusiasm to the Bridge Officers and E-Committee. Changes worthy for the membership can only begin with a member sharing the idea so it can move forward. Remember that this is a club you all wanted to be a part of. You wanted to be a valued and active member. This association should be mutually beneficial for all both parties!

Our club is no different than the other Grand 14 clubs we enjoy associating with. Each club continues to experience faltering interest from its members to get and stay involved.† Members look forward to opportunities to socialize yet getting members to help with these efforts has become more challenging as our membership experiences waves of interest/disinterest. [Wait for it . . . . here it comes!]

With the annual Heavy Weather Predicted Log Race [HWX] event upon us, I make yet another call out to members to STEP UP and meet the need for† assistance on the various committees! This is a BIG weekend event that calls for a BIG helping hand from all members! What about† you?

Beyond HWX,† weíve got the Dinner Meeting scheduled for Monday, March 17th. †Iím seeking committee members to aid in the dinner prep as well as a clean up committee. Again, please consider how you can help in any way with this event.

April brings us to Tacoma Yacht Clubís Daffodil Parade and Trivia hoopla! Bremerton Yacht Club needs a show of support from our members. If you like to lend your enthusiasm and support but donít want to bring your boat, please consider driving down to Tacoma Yacht Club for the day.† I will be serving up some tasty nibbles and thirst quenching beverages for those of you who would care to join us.

May takes us to Opening Day in Seattle! Iím really looking forward to this particular event as itís always a great time to share with fellow members who make the trip over, but also with my fellow Commodores of the Grand 14.†

Please help keep our club in the groove with positive energy!

I look forward to your interaction and count on your support of this club!



Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan