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Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2012

At this writing, I’m a little more than two weeks out from surgery on my knee and recovering quite nicely. Because my surgeon believes I do too much, she refused to allow me to return to work until later this month. First I needed to take care of our son’s graduation, the following party with only 20 (which turned into 50+) of his friends and attending the Queen City Yacht Club’s Junior Officers (JO) Ball, I might be ready to follow the doctor’s orders.

The JO balls are so darn fun. “Grease” was the theme of the latest one. Once again, my Captain and I simply pulled out clothing from our closet, tossed on a pink boa, greased back the hair (that would be me with the boa and Mike with the greased hair!) and we were ready to roll! It was hysterical to see so many of the guys with black hair and those known to have none at all, sporting wigs that would have challenged Elvis himself! Each time I get together with my fellow Tridents we learn a little bit more about each other. It’s easy to talk and act freely when you’re dressed as an alter ego. With Marilyn Monroe strutting about the room all evening, I can’t even imagine what all the guys were thinking when she planted a kiss on a great many of the fellas. My Captain included!

Musical entertainment was provided by the Funaddicts – a group we’ve had the pleasure to dance to at another JO Ball. They proved to be just as wonderful once again. Using my handy cane, I managed to dance more than I probably should have. My husband convinced me to elevate my leg and brought me a bag of ice to reduce the swelling of my knee (he’s so darn attentive!) along with a jell-o shot to ‘relax’ me. I was doing great until Electric Slide was played. After that number is when I finally called it quits! Fourteen jello-shots later, I was ready for sleep. It’s a wonder I didn’t require any pain medication to take me to slumber land.

After one day of rest I decided to heed the doctor’s advice. I drove myself down to California to finish recuperating under the watchful eye and loving arms of my dear Momma.

As a reminder of the great fun you can count on at our own club, please keep a watchful eye for the flyers of the upcoming social events!

September 9 (Sunday) – Salmon Bake
JD Weiner, Chair
(360) 399-1494 or

October 5 (Friday) – Oktoberfest
Jytte Wheeler, Chair
(360) 440-7679 or

November 16 (Friday) – New Members Night
Abbie Dunn, Co-Chair
(360) 792-9688 or
Jan Cordodor, Co-Chair
(360) 620-1244 or

December 31 (Monday) - New Year’s Eve
This year we’ll be reverting back to a long-ago tradition of co-hosting this event with Poulsbo Yacht Club (PYC). Details are still being worked out, but we’re hoping that this event will be held at PYC. Low attendance commitment from our own membership the last two years prompted me to open a discussion with my Poulsbo counterpart. We both agreed that this may be what it takes to get a boost in attendance for both our clubs. We’re looking at having a crew from each club working on specific parts of the party plan. Those interested in being a part of the planning for this social event are welcome to contact me by calling or texting me at (360) 620-9796.

That’s it for now folks. If you’re out enjoying a summer cruise, I bid you a safe journey. For the landlocked members, I hope to see you around the club, enjoying the deck and picnic shelter.

Mona-Lisa Ryan
Vice Commodore