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Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2012

Well here I am in my second year, now as your Vice Commodore, wondering how the first year passed so quickly!

At the start of this new year, Id like to send out heart felt thanks to Captain Roy Holland for being instrumental in getting that glorious Goat Flag off my vehicle and into the hands of someone much more deserving. Once again he recounted the charges against Captain Steve Brett for the navigational spectacle he made while attempting to move a sailboat during work party weekend earlier in May. Defense attorney Captain Ron Johnson presented a very plausible explanation something about gleening? Judges PC Mike Henry, and Captains 3rd Year E-Comm Chair John Carlson, and Alice Nelson were excused to deliberate behind closed galley doors. Only to ensure that the deliberation is fair, I boldly stepped into the galley and to my horror discovered the judges enjoying a bottle of Korbel champagne provided by the Defense!

Suspecting this type of underhanded maneuver by the Defense, I came prepared myself! Offering up a batch of freshly rolled Lumpia to each judge was incentive to find in favor of the prosecution and rid me of the flag. And it worked! Commodore Rob Bruins allowed me the honor of presenting the Goat Flag to Capt. Brett to fly for the next six months or less should he spot some other unfortunate mishap upon the water by another member. It was a great end to our final meeting of the season on this lighthearted fun.

On to more serious matters now. Ive met with Captain Leslie Hunt, Annual Chair to discuss the new 2012-2013 Annual. Weve identified what corrections and modifications need to be made for the upcoming issue. With the influx of new members and the occasional appearance of those long time members passing through with the short NW summers, I believe it important to get photos included alongside our names. Facial recognition is easier when utilizing an updated annual. We will be working towards snapping photos at every social opportunity, so be prepared!

If youre one of our long distance members, wed really appreciate you sending us your best choice photo to include. No worries though if you really want to keep that 10+ year old photo in the book with that boat you no longer have, or hair vastly different from then to now, its all good.

Photos can either be mail to the club attention Annual Chair, or scan and email as an attachment to Our slated deadline for all submissions is August 20th.

Your kind assistance in helping to create a great product is greatly appreciated! The plan is to have it ready for distribution to the membership at our first meeting on Monday, September 17th.

As a final note: Plan on participating in some good times with fellow members at our club. Mark your social calendar now for these upcoming events:

September 9 [Sunday] - Salmon Bake hosted once again by Captain JD Weiner and his crew. (Yes, this is one week before we reconvene for the club meetings!)

October 12 [Saturday] Junior Officers Ball

Theme is Arabian Nights with entertainment to include colorful wiggles, shakes, and shimmies! No such thing as a costume too colorful on this night!

October 19 [Friday] - Ocktoberfest with superb entertainment members have come to expect. [Still working on the Chair Person for this event. Im wondering if my style of bribery will work . . . . )

November 16 [Friday] New Members Night to honor all those members who joined since 11/2011.

Mona-Lisa Ryan
Vice Commodore