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Reports from the Bridge

September 2012


Everyone appreciates being appreciated. Try to catch people red-handed in the act of doing something right – and thank them for it. Bob Moawad


Triple “Medical” Kudos to Judy Picinich who, at the Labor Day Cruise to Oro Bay, called upon her medical background and provided pharmaceutical services for three members in need of Benadryl. Judy fortunately had a supply of the antihistamine on board the new Harbor Lights (pka “Snoozer”) and dispensed it to quell the effects of severe bee stings to two members and a food allergy to another. On behalf of those three Members, Judy, thank you!

Practicing the September “Thought for the Month” I want to take this space to thank Dale Fransen, not for a specific deed or accomplishment but, rather, for his collection of deeds and accomplishments on behalf of the Club and so many of our Members.

A recent example is Friday, August 10th of this year when we had a visiting family from Canada taking advantage of our reciprocal moorage hospitality, eh? During their stay they developed a lack of pressure in their potable water system to the point they could no longer obtain any potable water from the system, eh? I spoke with the skipper briefly (who had been trying to remedy the problem for two days) and then introduced him to Dale who promptly provided a probable cause, a suggested remedy and then loaned the appropriate tool(s) to our guest. Following Dale’s instructions, our guest was able to repair his water system and get under way with the problem resolved and with a greatly enhanced opinion of our Club.

On Sunday of that same weekend, a visiting Rear Commodore couple (here for the Grand 14 Cruise-In) was unable to depart following the festivities due to an electrical problem in their boat. Being in unfamiliar surroundings, they contacted me to advise me they would need to stay at least an extra day/night to be able to get the problem diagnosed and then fixed. I asked them if they had yet contacted anyone about getting to their boat to diagnose and fix the problem and they said they really didn’t know where to start. I provided them with directions for contacting Dale and when they did, he stopped working on his current projects to help the visitors and, after identifying their problem, was able to repair the faulty equipment and get them on their way. They were very appreciative of the Club and the fact that Dale was available on such short notice to help them in their time of need.

Add the two specific events noted above to the numerous “shed launchings”, diving and towing services, firefighting escapades along with his quick action preventing more than one of our boats from sinking in its slip and you get an idea not only of Dale’s skills but his willingness to provide those skills to the betterment of our fellow Members. My writing about the two specific events above (that just happened to occur on the same weekend) as well as Dale’s many other contributions to the betterment of our Club, our Members and our guests is meant to recognize Dale for all he does since so much of what he does is done in the middle of the night when, as he says, he can get the work done because there is no one there to distract him! So, thank you Dale for all your skills and for all you do for us. I have, so many times, caught Dale “red-handed in the act of doing something right” – and I am hereby thanking him for it.


The weekend of September 7 found Crystal and me at our first Junior Officers’ Ball. Held at the Rainier Yacht Club on south Lake Washington, the event started with an 11 boat raft at Andrews Bay/Seward Park on Friday night with 40 + Grand 14 Rear and Vice Commodores in attendance. The mid 80 degree weather coupled with the scenic venue, perfect food and great people made this one of the highlights of Crystal’s and my boating lives thus far. Next time you see either of us around the Club, ask us about some of the details. We look forward to sharing them with each of you. Then, on Saturday night, we had the J.O. Ball with a theme of Egyptian Nights. Every participant looked the part with exceptional costuming which lent to enhancing the enjoyment for all. Great food, music, dancing and friends made for another unforgettable night. Sunday morning we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast followed by our individual Class meetings. As the Rear Commodores, our meetings seem to last just a little longer than the Vice Commodore’s (OK, a LOT longer) but we have so much more work to do! Crystal and I are both astonished at how those that have gone through the Chairs before us already knew how well we would bond with our Grand 14 counterparts and we are now looking forward to our next event to be held at the Tacoma Yacht Club the weekend of 9/21. With a theme of “Surfin’ Safari” we are assured of another great time so be sure to watch for this space in next month’s Towline for a review of Tacoma Yacht Club’s “Surfin’ Safari”.


Two weeks after the Tacoma Yacht Club’s “Surfin’ Safari” we will be having our own Arabian Nights dinner dance on October 13. There has been a lot of effort put forth to make this an unforgettable evening for all that attend so make sure you sign up early as this most likely will be a sellout! Remember, October 13 might seems like a distant date but, as we all know, it will be here before you know it so sign up now while you’re thinking about it and there are still seats available!

Also sneaking up on us is the annual Holiday Decorating party on December 7 and the Lighted Boat Parades on December 14 and 15. While more information concerning both of those activities will be provided next month please be sure to reserve the dates and plan on participating.

With best personal regards,

Ray Norton