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Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2013

Heavy Weather is over and I’m told I can relax now because it’s all down hill.  I don’t see it that way.  In March alone we will have a seminar on rafting put together by our Regatta for Sail Chairman, Jay Spearman, a planned weekend cruise for our sailors, our Saint Patrick’s Cruise to Kingston and our annual Dinner Meeting with Seattle Yacht Club’s “Opening Day” Trio visiting to give us the lowdown on this year’s Opening Day activities.  All of these activities have more information on our website.  Additionally, Bev and I will be attending Commodore Balls at Rainier, Edmonds and Everett.

Heavy Weather was amazing.  It’s hard to know where to start.  Of course it all starts with the navigational contest and Regatta for Power Chairman, John Burwell, did a great job of planning everything that had to do with the challenging contest and all that goes along with it.  Congratulations to Chuck Silvernail for once again winning Heavy Weather and keeping that title right here at BYC.  BYC looked it’s best for all of our visitors thanks to all of the clean-up work done during the February work party under the guidance of Jim Minard and the good work by our members, thanks goes out to all those that helped in the clean-up.  Please bear with me as I think it is important to again public acknowledge the chairpersons from the various committees that made our 79th annual Heavy Weather happen.  When you see these folks on the docks please thank them for their efforts:  Linda Ritter our Observer Coordinator.  P/C Mike Henry for conducting the Observer Training and always be there for guidance.  Crystal Norton, Steve & Deana Brett, and P/C Mike & Bill Henry for Log Check-in.  Regatta for Sail Chairman Jay Spearman for coordinating the dock crew.  Jim Minard for leading the crew putting up the timbers.  Norm Smith and Mike Docker for coordinating the fire watches and thanks to Phil Mhoon for the use of “Luna III” as fire watch headquarters.  Mary Joy Lilly for all the treats as  Steward.  V/C Mona-Lisa Ryan and crew for Friday night’s dinner and entertainment.  Fleet Captain Paula Lewis, and Al & Joanne Gonzalez and crew for the Saturday night dinner.  V/C Ryan and R/C Ray Norton for coordinating and providing entertainment for Saturday night.  Dave & Sheila Miller and crew for Sunday morning’s breakfast.  The Skipperettes for their breakfast help.  Cinde Bannon for awards.  Monica Phillips our galley chair.  Anita Albright and Stephanie Marone for manning the Club store.  Jim Mills for set-up.  I’m sure that I’ve missed somebody but be assured your help was most appreciated.  Five people I can’t thank enough for their support are R/C Ray & Crystal Norton, V/C Mona-Lisa & Mike Ryan and my first mate Bev.   THANK YOU all for making BYC look so good during this event.

Heavy Weather just would not be the same without the skits.  This year Day Island, Rainier and Tacoma Yachts Clubs all put together excellent, entertaining skits for us to enjoy.  Commodores Steve Franklin of Gig Harbor and Bill Whiteley of Poulsbo joined me in the unenviable position of judging the skits for the coveted “Rubber Clam Gun Award”.  This year Tacoma took home the award by the narrowest of margins.

I’ve addressed the work being done by our Planning Committees in the past and would recommend that you keep yourself abreast of their progress and suggestions by following their entries on the website.

On March 5th at 1900 we will have a meeting for all of those interested in Opening Day participation.  If you have thoughts or ideas concerning parade float designs, would like to offer your boat or have other participation ideas please attend.  It’s time to get BYC back at the top of the decorated float prize list.

See you around the club,
Rob Bruins