Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2012

There really is never a lull in BYC activity as we are constantly in the planning mode for future events while taking in the current happenings. As Iím writing this we are only days away from the Taco Feed. This event has always been a low keyed casual affair and Iím sure Jan Cordodor and her committee followed up this tradition and everyone enjoyed the evening, thank you Jan and committee.

The Crab Feed will be February 4th, if you havenít signed-up yet give Brett or Lynetta Halffman a call quickly so they and their committee can make sure they get enough crab for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, Heavy Weather weekend will be Presidentís Day weekend and BYC will be a beehive of activity. There are plenty of opportunities to be part of the action and I encourage you to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable, there are plenty of committees that could use some help or just be here to take it all in.

Bev and I just returned from another of our Grand 14 events, this time all the clubs ďroastedĒ their respective Commodore. Kevin McStay again put together a video disk about Commodore Longenecker that had everyone rolling in the isles. Thanks go out to Kevin and Leo and Stacy for playing along to make it all happen. Next, Bev and I are off to Meydenbaur Bay Yacht Club and Gig Harbor Yacht Club for their Junior Officer Balls, all before Heavy Weather. Bev has been allowed to put away the crutches and is looking forward to getting back into her dancing shoes.

Iím in the process of formulating the 2012/2013 BYC calendar year and working on budget requests, if you have any requests or input let me know. Speaking of next year, we look forward to getting new faces involved in keeping BYC such a great club. Talk to a Bridge Officer or the nominating committee if your even thinking about getting involved, we have many positions to be filled, one just right for you.

See you around the Club,

Rob Bruins