Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2012

Happy New Year to All!

With the prescribed duties of the Rear, the month of December was much busier than usual for me. The Christmas celebrations were a bit different at the club with a no show from Santa Claus, but it turned out fine. Those attending both the Family Christmas & Potluck Party as well as the Christmas Dinner were surprised at the unexpected visit from Mrs. Claus and Santa’s head elf, Bernard. I’m told that while the children were puzzled at first, they soon got involved in the crafts provided and were happy to receive gifts from Mrs. Claus! For the young at heart, it seems, it doesn’t matter who does the giving! From all accounts shared, it was indeed a delightful surprise and some members were treated to gifts from Santa’s red sack that Bernard managed to swipe from the sleigh. Turns out that our Commodore was very good indeed based on the pile of gifts he received!

Special thanks go to the many members who helped to decorate the club house and come back and pack it all away for another year. Once again, Princess Mokihana, skippered by Steve Brett and his very own princess Deana, lead the lighted boat parade with Rudolph’s bright red nose shining the way. Our club had an impressive string of lighted boats this year. Thanks to all who participated. Being the voice of Santa has always been a great time for me, but this year I was challenged by cootie-bugs lodged in my throat. The up side was that my voice was well disguised. For all of Friday’s shout-outs, it was indeed my voice. The down side to all the name calling on Friday night, I was unable to give a repeat performance for Saturday night. I’m grateful that one of our newest members, “Cool Steve” Verrier eagerly stepped in to take over the mike. While he was the voice for the second half of Saturday night, member Don Evans was the physical Santa up on the fly bridge. With the well insulated santa suit, our stand-in’s managed to keep they bodies warm. However, the influx of drinks was quite helpful too!

Vice Commodre Rob Bruins gets major kudos for all his hard work in preparing Ocean Pearl for use as the Santa boat. Thanks also to the PC’s for their efforts in getting her decorated. There are so many of you members who have helped make these past few events a great success. I take time to mention this because everyone needs to know that it takes more than just a few members to create a memorable time for the rest of us! Without the help of PC Don Floyd and Flo, it would have been a struggle for me to multi-task my responsibilities with the club and still manage my family life too.

So now I’m on to the New Year. My next big concern will be the Heavy Weather Breakfast in February. This Sunday breakfast proceeds the awards for the races which occurred the day prior. I will be in need of a Chair person who will in turn need a crew to help prepare and serve a hearty breakfast.

As already noted above, all things that are planned come about successfully with the coordination of many people. Of all those I’ve personally thanked already, the one I need to recognize most would be my husband, Mike Ryan. Without his presence to keep me on track, some things may have fallen by the way side. Actually, some things did, but he was there to back me up and to catch the ball that was bound to drop. You may not know the depth of his talents or personalities, but one thing you can know for sure – he makes a great Elf.

Here’s to a great new year for all of us!

Your Rear Commodore, Mona-Lisa