Reports from the Bridge

Dec 2011

Holiday Greetings to All!

With the holidays coming and so many functions to plan for both for the club and with my family, Iíve had to do plenty of concurrent planning these days!

The day of Thanksgiving has passed, but I wanted to take this opportunity to say that there is so much Iím thankful for and friends are among them. Especially my BYC friends! Iím thankful that Bev Bruins, my partner in fun, is showing amazing recovery from her hip surgery and already made an appearance at the New Members Night.

I continue to be thankful that so many of our members have stepped up to support me in the events coming up this month. Two of those events are right around the corner at the time Iím writing this, but will have come to pass by the time this edition of the Towline is published.

The Family Christmas Party (12/2) will have a different twist to the evening compared to this eventís previous years. Iím sure it will be much more fun to see it first hand than hearing of it later. So, if youíre curious, come join us. Iím hoping Santa will be bringing everyone something they deserve!

And the Special Peoples Cruise (12/4) will be yet another fun and successful event for us. Iím excited that there are so many members helping out and participating with their boats for this and in the Lighted Boat Parade (12/16 & 17), too. Vice-Commodore Rob Bruins has generously stepped in with Ocean Pearl to be this yearís Santa Boat. This saves my Captainís health from unpredictable weather for this two night event! Without an enclosure on our fly bridge, even I wouldnít stand the cold night air.

With some luck and a bit of quiet time at my computer, Iíll do my best to share with all of you some of the details of these December events. Iím hopeful that Iíll have some pictures to share as well!

Whatever your plans for this holiday season, I wish you the company of family and/or friends to share it with. May your times be filled with laughter and your attitude light and easy.

Merry Christmas Friends!

Rear Commodore, Mona-Lisa and Captain Mike Ryan