Reports from the Bridge

April 2012

Another JO Ball under my belt and only one more month left in my term as your Rear Commodore.

How true it is that Ďitís over before you know it!Ē The greatest times Iíve enjoyed [other than my role as Mrs. Claus] have been at the seven Junior Officerís balls. What a challenge itís been to create a costume without busting my budget or stressing that someone else may appear to be something Iíve chosen to be[which hasnít happened much to my surprise!] Playing dress up for these events has been great way to continue acquainting myself with my fellow Tridents as well as the senior officers from the Grand 14 clubs. While discussing a variety of issues that yacht club members encounter, Iíve realized just how fortunate we are as members of Bremerton Yacht Club.

Dressed in costumes, itís difficult to get too serious over anything. However, while flitting about with glitter-dusted fairies, staring up into the face of the Green Lantern, squeezing a pea pod on Ms. Sweet Pea, or relaxing with the Jolly Green Giant, to name a few characters, Iíve had some interesting discussions concerning reciprocal privileges between our clubs. Iíve heard it said before and can now attest to it as fact first hand Ė Bremerton Yacht Club is definitely the awesome club! The ability to have open access to our club is definitely worth the cost of membership. From the time of our August cruise in for the new officers, we received many compliments from our counterparts on the wonderful picnic shelter we have. Now many months later, my dear Rearís are still mentioning it in our conversations.

Only one more month left to serve as your Rear Commodore and I find myself wondering how I managed to get this far without totally falling apart and going hysterical. With my husband absent these past four months, I look back and know exactly how Iíve managed. Thanks to those members who continually provide me with their assistance when Iíve not been physically able to manage some tasks. And thanks to those who werenít able to provide me with anything more than a drink! That is just as helpful.

On a closing note, for those who missed the last meeting (03/19) you should know that I have been Ďawardedí the Goat Flag. Despite the great defense of Captain Joe Payne, the judges [PC Mike Dunn, Bob McWaid, and John Adair] deemed me deserving of flying this flag for my uniform mishaps. With pride I shall display it at every opportunity and will be quick to ask anyone ďGot Goat?Ē.

Till next time, I remain the Dear Rear . . . .

Mona-Lisa Ryan

My Thanks to you all!