Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2011

Stacy and I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season. We sure enjoyed all the club events and hosting the BYC Christmas Dinner. What a turn out! 140 people attended with a committee of only 23. It was superb! Now on to the future - Heavy Weather. Please watch for the signup sheets and those chair people looking for help. It is your opportunity to gather service points. Heavy Weather is the Bremerton Yacht Club IPBA sanctioned Predicted Navigation Contest. Heavy Weather is the largest contest of its kind in the world! We have visitors, that weekend, from most of the Grand 14 Yacht Clubs, so, it is a very well attended event and needs lots of people on all the committees. Please step up and do your part.

The other day, I Google'd my name to see what would come up. Unfortunately, I found several sites, where for a small fee, you could get my name, address, E mail address, etc, boat name, documentation number and other good info. I was wondering how some WEB sites could be sending me E mail about their services and products. Now I know how simple it is. There is one local company that started sending me info a while back. I called the owner and he guaranteed me he did not access our club spread sheet. Now I know how companies get E mail addresses. The joy of the information age.

For those who missed out, there was a significant change at the Dec. 5 meeting. Regular Business Meetings now start at 7:00pm. I will do all I can to keep the meetings short, to adjourn at a reasonable time, for those of us who have to work for a living.

A special committee has been formed, chaired by Captain Lynne Rumbold, as you'll see in the Towline, to come up with the best way for our club to go forward now that the Caretaker and Manager are no longer employed. Decisions about the operations of the club store, use of the apartment, employees in general, etc. will be decided by this committee. There will be more information to follow, probably on the web site and in the Towline, but, if you have constructive suggestions, please E mail them to Lynne.

Fair winds and following seas,
Leo and Stacy Longenecker