Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2012

The Bremerton Yacht Club's Heavy Weather weekend is rapidly approaching as you all have heard. This is our Puget Sound boating premier event. This along with TYC'c Daffodil regatta and SYC's Opening Day weekends highlight the boating festivals of the Grand 14 yacht clubs. There are signup sheets on the bulletin board in the clubhouse providing your opportunity for service points. This isn't just a log race event. It is Friday night social, Saturday night dinner, skits and dancing to 'Chasing Mona" and a Sunday Breakfast. These events are open and encouraged for all BYC members to attend. Please help on committees and attend these events.

The Budget and Finance committee is currently working on the FY12-13 budget. If you have any part as a chair with a budget, please get your inputs to Dave Cordodor. The same goes if you have any suggestion of something the club could do that may have an input to the budget.

Officer nominations are just around the corner. VC Rob Bruins has a nominating committee formed and is actively looking for a Rear Commodore and 3 Executive Committee members. It is your duty as a member of the Bremerton Yacht Club to do your part and hold an elected office. We wouldn't have the premiere club we do if it weren't for members stepping up and doing their part. Please do your part and run for an elected position. More to be found in the VC's report.

April brings us the Tacoma Yacht Club Daffodil festival. A contingent of boats from BYC will be attending this party weekend in April. This is another fun weekend, similar to our Heavy Weather, but at another Grand 14 club. Please put April 13-15 on your calendar and plan on taking your boat. Sign up and registration information is on the club bulletin board.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the outstanding job Nancy Haustveit is doing as filling in covering the store operations. She is developing an operations manual for the day to day operations of the store and BYC that will help in future transitions. Darin Haustveit as store chairman has also made some significant improvements to the store to improve sales. More on that later, also. Please stop by and tell Nancy and Darin what a great job they are doing when you get the chance.

One thing I need to point out, the coffee available in the club lounge is NOT FREE. Obviously, all coffee drinkers know what coffee costs these days. Unfortunately, people aren't paying for the coffee and that puts the cost onto all members through our dues and moorage. I know it doesn't seem like that much, but the coffee mess goes through about $25 per month in coffee grounds, not to mention sugar, creamer, filters and cups. If this continues, the coffee will have to be curtailed to store hours only and sold by the cup. Unfortunately it's not like the 60's when coffee in a restaurant was only a dime.

Stacy and I look forward to seeing you all around the club this spring,

Leo and Stacy Longenecker