Reports from the Bridge

Dec 2011

Here we are into the Holiday Season. Stacy and I wish all the Bremerton Yacht Club members Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. There are many Christmas events in December, but, most importantly the BYC Christmas Dinner. The Christmas Dinner is the way the Bridge, Flag Officers and the Executive Committee thank the membership for all their support over the year. I thought the best way to thank the membership was to make it a FREE event. There is money in the social budget because the Bridge has been very diligent over the past couple of years watching our budget that I felt it only right to pay it back to the members. This is free only for BYC members and families, so, please no friends, neighbors or people off the street. I will watch the list closely once it gets to 100 people in order for everyone to get a place to sit. There will be entertainment provided by the Bremerton High School and the traditional punch bowl provided the the two most recent Past Commodores. The one thing different this year, please bring your own wine or beverage of choice. The club store will be open for a brief period prior to the start so you will be able to purchase wine, (whole bottles of 14 Hands), beer or pop. Stacy and I really look forward to seeing you at this grand annual occasion.

Don't forget Heavy Weather is just around the corner. Please attend the meetings to keep informed of all the club activities and goings on.

Happy Holidays,

Leo and Stacy Longenecker