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Reports from the Bridge

15 June 2010

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

First off is my plug for the Picnic-in-the-Park events.  P/C Gary & Jo Carr chaired
the June event so a big “Thank You” goes out to them and their crew for getting the
summer events rolling.  The July 21, “Pig Roast in the Park” is being chaired by
Roger & Jackie Phillips and promises to be quite the feast, see the flyer for details.
Commodore Rosendale will be dedicating the picnic shelter building at the July event 
so come out and see the fruit of our labor, it is truly a site we are proud of.  Please 
get your name on the sign-up sheet for this one so the appropriate amount of food can 
be prepared.  You can sign-up in person, via the internet or call the Club.  Don’t 
forget to keep the August 18 date on your calendar as we fill out our summer schedule.

Bev and I attended our first interclub event representing BYC when we, along with P/C 
Don & Donna Park, Commodore John & Denise Rosendale and Vice Commodore Leo & Stacy 
Longenecker, took part in the “Change of Watch” ceremony at Poulsbo Yacht Club.  For 
years we have been hearing about the friendships made and general camaraderie of the 
bridge officers in the Grand 14.  If our first exposure is any indication, we are in 
for a wonderful time.  We met and dined with our R/C counterparts and were welcomed 
by PYC’s current and past officers.  To just say we had a fun evening would be a major 

I thank those of you that have accepted positions to help keep the Club running smoothly.  
We don’t have anyone in place at this time to serve as our “stewards” and have several 
Sunday breakfasts on the calendar in the fall and winter that will need chairpersons.  
If you have any interest in taking on any of these positions please get with me.

It was good to see the gathering of newer and seasoned members at the Memorial Day 
gathering at Oro Bay.  I think we had four first time visiting boats there and despite 
some damp weather it was a fun weekend. 

Hope everyone finds some time this summer to get out and enjoy our boats and the beautiful 
Puget Sound.

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
BYC WebTeam