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18 Jan 2011

Rob Bruins
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

We hope everyone has recovered somewhat from the holiday season. As the holidays were winding down it was time to take down decorations and put the club house back to normal. Thankfully we had a number that took advantage of Bev’s idea of “free pizza” and showed up to undecorate and put things away. Thanks go out to Dave and Jan Cordodor, P/C Don and Flo Floyd, Mike and Ruth Murray, Mike and Mona Lisa Ryan and Marilyn Venable and her son Nick. P/C Bill Rumbold had put up and then removed the toy soldiers on the exterior of the building. P/C Larry Reierson helped me disassemble the Christmas tree float that had been built and put in place by Roger Phillips. While on the subject of thanking people, in response to years of hearing how dull the knives in the galley were, please thank Jim Markham for putting an edge on those knives (now please be careful with them).

The January breakfast was hosted by Jan Cordodor and Mona Lisa Ryan and I’m sure all those that attended enjoyed the menu prepared by them and their committee. The Heavy Weather breakfast is being chaired by Don Evans and I’m sure he would love to have additional help.

Remember that it takes help from the entire club to put on the Heavy Weather weekend and there is a great sense of pride with being part of it. There are many ways to get involve, just ask how you can help. For the first time, observers for the predicted log race will be awarded service points. If you haven’t observed before, there will be a training session on Wednesday evening, February 16 at 1900 and an abbreviated refresher course on Saturday of the event at 0900.

I’m asked a lot, how Bev and I are “enjoying” going through the chairs. For those of you that I haven’t personally spoken to, let me tell you that the camaraderie we are enjoying both here at BYC and among our Grand 14 counterparts exceeds my wildest expectations ten fold. We are proud to represent the BYC membership. V/C Longenecker has established a nominating committee for next years officers and I encourage you to talk to them and see if there isn’t a position available that might suit you. As always, if you have a question about how the club runs, please ask me. I may not have an immediate answer, but that means we’ll find out together.

See you around the club,

Rob Bruins

Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 Sept 2010 (jw)
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