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25 Sep 2010

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John Rosendale

Photo of Commodore

Iíd like to thank Jim Bixler, our outstation manager and chief of the Anderson Island Fire Department for the great work heís been doing at our Oro Bay outstation. The fire department has done an awesome job of removing old and decaying trees, putting in curtain drains around our shelter, and grading and graveling our driveway. In addition, as the outstation manager he has taken the initiative to complete some necessary landscaping around the fire pit. He couldnít have done this by himself and I applaud those members who have helped him.

We have come to place great value on our relationship with the Anderson Island Fire Department. It has become a relationship of people working with people for the benefit of both Anderson Island as well as the Bremerton Yacht Club.

On Saturday night, Labor Day weekend, we enjoyed Beef Tri Tip, chicken, salad, beans, bread, and desert; all at the hospitality and generosity of the Anderson Island Fire Dept. Thank you again, Chief Bixler!

Roger and Jackie Phillips also deserve a note of appreciation for orchestrating a great ďBarnyard FunĒ float entry at the Oro Bay Labor Day parade, and thanks to Mike and Mona Lisa Ryan for their contributions to the games, and the animals found roaming the pastures of our outstation.

Of course none of this could have happened without our Fleet Captain Maralee Ormiston and her Cruise Captains Kevin and Lori McStay. Thank you very much for a most successful weekend!

As the commodore of the BYC I think itís necessary once in a while to remind a minority of people what good club citizenship means. Iím not suggesting we have a problem that is any different from that of other clubs, just that we need to continue in our pursuit of being the best club we can be. I hope the following gives you pause for thought.

Focus on what you can do for your club. Pointing out the needs and/or shortcomings of our club comes easy. Itís in the solutions where we need your help. Donít be afraid to take initiative. Necessary changes depend on it. Every member has the responsibility to work directly with the chairmen who manage our club. They have the right to attend regular business meetings and to make their own motions if they feel itís necessary. And most importantly, they have the right and responsibility to be a part of managing any approved changes and/or improvements to the club; whether they assume responsibility for these projects or choose to be a part of the committee to see that it gets done.

Please be respectful of your committee chairs and leadership. They are doing their job for one reason only; to serve you. Sharp and non-constructive criticisms will only discourage these people. Unless you want their job, please do what you can to support them. You may not always agree with their actions or viewpoints but they are doing their best to serve! If you donít agree with their direction, talk to them about it. And most importantly, tell them what you would be willing to do to support them if they choose to move in a different direction.

Please be careful about what you say concerning other members and do your best to be respectful of others, even if you donít agree with them. It doesnít serve anyone to ďbad mouthĒ another. A spoken difference of opinion is O.K., but disparaging someoneís character or spreading rumor based on unfounded facts is simply wrong and absolutely contrary to being a responsible member of the Bremerton Yacht Club.

Find good reasons to be proud of yourself, your membership, and those around you. There is a lot about out club to be proud of!

Denise and I wish you our boating best.

John Rosendale


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Posted: 16 June 2010 (jw)
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