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Reports from the Bridge

15 Apr 2011

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John Rosendale

Photo of Commodore

Elections are just around the corner!

I used to think the nominating committee was responsible for identifying the best of our members for future leadership. It’s not true. I used to think only those asked by the nominating committee to run for a position were considered by the club to be worthy of the position. That’s not true either. The truth is the nominating committee is more responsible for the preparation of candidates interested in running for a position than they are the selection of those candidates.

If you have an interest in running for a leadership position in this club, don’t wait for the nominating committee to ask you. Tell them you’re interested! Then ask them to bring you up to speed on the requirements and expectations of the position and then ask them to nominate you, period. It is not the nominating committee who decides on who will represent the club’s interests in the future, it is the membership.

On Sunday March 6th, the bridge held another “Breakfast with the Bridge” meeting. This is the second one of the year. These casual and informal forums provide the membership with an opportunity to share both their praises and concerns over the welfare of our club. Please read the separate article “Breakfast with the Bridge” in this Towline.

Thank you Fleet Captain Maralee Ormiston and Cruise Captains Darin and Nancy Haustveit for a well attended cruise to Gig Harbor the weekend of March 12 and 13. We had 14 boats! It was a bit rainy but then what else can we expect from northwest cruising in the winter? Warm hearts; and we had them!

Thanks to Captain Gonzalez and committee for a delightful St. Patrick’s Day dinner meeting this past March 21. We were also entertained by the Seattle Yacht Club as they came over to promote “Salish Sea Treasures”, the theme for this year’s Opening Day.

Our next dinner meeting will be hosted by Deana Brett as we honor our Past Commodores on Monday night April 18th, at 6 PM. The dinner will be free!

I am pleased to announce that effective with this month’s Towline we have gone live with an e-mail version of this publication. This first month you should receive one in the mail and an e-mail with a URL or web link to our website where you can view or even download your own copy of the Towline. If all goes well, unless you have specifically asked for a copy to be mailed to you, you will receive only the e-mailed version going forward.

On a similar note, I would like to thank my special committee chairman Jeremiah Wiley and his committee members Dave Miller and Jerry Wein for the awesome work they have done in completing a new data base for our club. This committee is now retired with their mission accomplished. Going forward, all data associated with memberships and members will be the same, wherever you choose to find it.

I recently met with Jerry Wein, our Webmaster, and we have concluded that we need another member on our web team to keep our web content current. We had previously asked each individual chairman to maintain their own web page(s), but this simply isn’t working. Mona Lisa Ryan has stepped forward to say she will do this. And again… thank you Mona Lisa!

Don’t forget to attend the upcoming Daffodil festivities in Tacoma later this month! We’re going to run it like another cruise-in. There will be complimentary food and beverages on the dock for all BYC members attending! We’ll see you there…

Safe Boating to All,

Commodore John and First Mate Denise Rosendale