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14 October 2009

Leo Longenecker
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

We are rapidly moving into the holidays as this is already
November.  The Towline deadline is prior to our first Sunday Breakfast
Chaired by Connie and Cal Ormistion.  I'm sure it was a great event.
I'm thrilled how many new members are stepping up this year to do their
share plus a little.  The November Sunday Breakfast is chaired by PC
Mike and Abby Dunn.  Please see the flyer in the Towline or on the WEB.
Looking out into December we will be having our customary tree trimming
party on December 4th to get the clubhouse ready for the Christmas
season and the Special Peoples cruise.  Stacy and the girls are planning
a decoration extravaganza the likings the BYC has never seen.  I can't
wait.  Shortly after that is the lighted boat parade on Dec. 18 and
19th.  Get those strings of lights out and start replacing bulbs.  It's
never too early.  Stacy and I are going to be the Santa Ship this year
and are really looking forward to the experience.  Please see our Fleet
Captain for all the details.

I have heard some comments recently from some of our new members
of other "older" members giving them a hard time.  I really don't think
that's necessary, understanding we all were new members at one time.
Please help our new members, encourage them and most importantly don't
discourage them.  If anyone hears of this, please let one of the Bridge
Officers know at once.  

Happy Holidays to all,

RC Leo and Stacy Longenecker

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Posted: 14 Oct 2009 (gk)
BYC WebTeam