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14 May 2009

    John Rosendale
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    We are well into spring, and this month our club will see a change in watch. This comes with newly scheduled activities for the coming year! I have worked with a number of members and PCs over the last couple of months to develop our 2009 - 2010 social calendar. I did this on behalf or our VC while he was out of town. He is back, has made a couple of final adjustments, and it is now approved.

    This coming year will be loaded with social activities! We have tentatively scheduled four Picnics for the summer and a Salmon Bake that will be produced with the pride of a "Sassy Salmon" V/C and the virtuoso of Gary Carr, our Salmon Bake chairman for 2009.

    There will be nine Friday night socials including a "Margarita Madness" party; Jytte Wheeler's traditional "Octoberfest"; an inter-club "Halloween Bash" hosted by Mona Lisa Ryan; a "New Member's Night" wine tasting event chaired by our now renowned wine connoisseur's Andy and Nancy Kupp; a traditional "Taco Feed" chaired by Don and Flo Floyd; a Clam Bake to be chaired by Bob and Gerri Bachman; and the last of our new event entrées, a "Hawaiian Holiday"!

    Add to this a "Crab Feed" chaired by our seafood extraordinaire Lynetta and Brett Halffman, a New Year's Eve Party, a Super Bowl party, a couple of "Game Nights", and you could plan your entire year around the BYC. But wait, there's more… We also have planned six cruises, five dinner meetings, and six Sunday morning breakfasts!

    And oh yes, something else: For both sail and power racers we have scheduled a fall and winter series of three races each. Most of these will be held on the same Sundays with the hopes of sharing food and beverages as a part of the festivity. After all, log racing (and sailing) is a social event!

    Now, having said all this… We know two things: 1) we have to find the support from within our membership to make all this fun happen and 2) we won't be able to please everyone. So PLEASE, support your bridge. They balance a large number of variables that play into planning these events and event scheduling. Before finding fault in our planning (and I realize it can seem like an irresistible temptation), please try to work with us. I can assure you, we're trying to look after the best interests of the club!

    A calendar of all these events will soon be posted in the lobby. You will be able to see the year at a glance. You will be able to see who is chairing each event and how to contact them. You'll also see which events still require a chair. We hope that if you plan on attending these events, and are receiving the benefits of being a club member, that you will also give back a little. Please get your name on a list and show the club you care!

    I wish you safe and fun boating,

    John Rosendale
    Rear Commodore

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Posted: 14 April 2009 (gk)
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