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16 December 2008


    John Rosendale
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    What a great time of year for reflection and renewal, and what a great time of year for setting new goals and to begin (or continue) the process of turning our dreams into reality; both personal dreams and those of the club. I can see that Picnic Shelter completed as I write this!

    This last December was a lot of fun and special thanks belong to my committee members who helped to make this happen. There was the Christmas Tree Trimming party with lots of effort from all, but of particular note were Leo and Stacy Longenecker, Roger Phillips, Ray Gorski, Rob Bruin, Sylvia Wilson, and of course the major contributor, my rear commodorable, Denise!

    There was also the Lighted Boat Parade and a committee of hardworking people that scheduled, plotted, and sorted out several hundred names to ensure that Santa greeted everyone shore side. That committee consisted of Rich and Leslie Hunt, Mona Lisa and Mike Ryan, and Mike and Cathy Thomas. Special thanks also go to Sylvia Wilson for her superb, home made from a super secret recipe, Hot Buttered Rum!


    Nearly everything that gets done at the BYC is done by its members. Well-meaning members who often give up their personal time and priorities "for the good of the club." Sometimes their means of doing a job, or their particular motivation may be other than our own, but we can all be thankful the job is getting done!

    Likewise, some things don't get done. And when this happens we must all take responsibility for it. After all, we are a membership, a family, and every member both benefits from what is working, as well as suffers from what is not.

    I encourage all to take pride in this club and to DO what is necessary (walking the walk, not just talking the talk) to make it work. And when something isn't working, do what is necessary to be a part of fixing it. Join a committee, participate in the events, support a leader (or better yet, be one), or coach a new member. But above all, be an example of the way you would like to see our club run and the way you would like to see the members running it.

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Posted: 16 December 2008 (gk)
BYC WebTeam