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16 April 2009

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    Mike Dunn

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    I am making very slow progress in composing my 36th (and last) Towline Article as a Bridge Officer, since I find myself reminiscing over the last three years. The numerous memories of those years cover virtually every emotion in the books, and some that haven’t made it into print yet. Right after election to RC, amazement sets in as you wonder just what did I go and get myself into here. Then comes the concern about knowing when, where, how, why, and if, I can possibly get everything done as well as those 75+ Officers that have their pictures on that big wall. Fortunately, the “Grand XIV Officers Cruise-In” comes along in August. Then you get to meet 13 other “fellow” Rear Commodores from all over Puget Sound, and find, with relief, that they’ve experienced the same problems, concerns, doubts, fears, and all the other emotions you have. You begin a bonding process with your Grand XIV Classmates, the “Pirates of Puget Sound.”

    You also grow much closer to your fellow members in the Club as you learn which members are the hard-working “behind the scenes” folks that anticipate the need and just-do-it, which are the “movers and shakers” who are always a willing volunteer, and which of them won’t readily step forward, but will respond to some gentle coaxing. In addition, the BYC Past Commodores Club is always there to keep you from going too far astray. You can call them for advice, get a question answered, or find a document previously sent that you lost. Alternatively, one of them may call with a gentle reminder, a sharp rebuke, or that “perfect” suggestion. To each member in BYC who offered so much of your talents, your time, your support, a helping hand, or just a smile and a word of encouragement, Abbie and I offer our undying gratitude. Serving you, the members of Bremerton Yacht Club, has been an Honor and a Privilege. We truly enjoyed our “trip through the Chairs”, and recommend it to anyone.

    Bremerton Yacht Club is fortunate to have a fantastic team of talented and dedicated members who are the key to the Club’s success. We successfully converted two years ago from individual membership to family membership. This year we struggled through, and completed, a major leadership transition. This change took us from a “family type” organization, heavily dependent on three Bridge Officers to review and manage each aspect of running this multi-million dollar operation, to a “corporate type” organization with those myriad responsibilities now spread between three Bridge Officers and three Executive Committee Chair Officers, who are ably supported by six well focused Executive Committee Members.

    Getting back to business, here’s hoping we had Trophy Winning floats by VC Don and Donna Park’s entry in the Tacoma Yacht Club’s Daffodil Parade theme “Swing into Spring”, followed by PC Gary and Jo Carr’s entry in the Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day theme “Wild, Wild West”. Back at the ranch, we will have Jytte Wheeler’s final “Meeting Dinner” on April 20th, when we have the “Second Nominations”. Let’s start

    wrapping up the year with a full slate of candidates for elections on May 4th, followed by a good turnout for “Awards Night” on May 8th. Finally, the “Change of Watch” Ceremony on May 15th will feature the “Installation of Officers” and a new beginning. As always, I remain your Humble Servant,

    Mike Dunn, Commodore

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Posted: 16 April 2009 (gk)
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