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14 July 2009

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    Don Park

    Photo of Commodore

    As most members get packed and ready to travel for their vacations please do not forget to check with the Website to get up to date information on what is happening at your club. The BYC Brats Reunion on August 15 and Labor Day at Oro Bay Sept 4th thru the 7th are just two of the events that will be coming up.

    I would like to welcome our new members Tony and Cindy Frey; please make them feel welcome. There is a new form online for interested New Members to fill out; if you have any questions please contact Gerri Bachman or click on her Webpage under Membership.

    "Emergency Medical Services at Harrison Hospital with Emphasis on Emergency Cardiac & Stroke Care" will be the topic of the first dinner meeting October 5th; I am considering on having this a potluck affair. If you would like to Chair a Dinner Meeting or have a topic/guest speaker please let me know. I would like to thank Bob & Jytte Wheeler for preparing last year's meals.

    Please support your club's Youth Sailing Program by volunteering to help if you have the time. Sam Throm is doing an outstanding job keeping the sailboats in the water and keeping the classes interesting. They meet in a boathouse on poverty row for classroom instructions, donated by Captain Mike Knight.

    Please Note the new number to call for Environmental Spills (1-800-337-7455); this number is posted at the telephones located on the docks and in the Clubhouse.

    I am not sure what happens to the phone book for the Clubhouse use, but another one is missing; if you use the phone book please put the book back by the phone..., you know a "community-use thing".


    Points to Ponder: Types of Boat Hulls
    Flat bottom boat -   They can get up on plane easily but unless the
    water is very calm they tend to give a rough ride because of the flat
    bottom pounding on each wave, they also tend to be less stable.
    Vee bottom boat - The vee bottom tends to have a sharper entry into the
    water which provides for a smoother ride in rough water. They do,
    however, require more power to achieve the same speed.
    Round bottom boat - These move easily through the water, especially at
    slow speeds. They do, however, tend to roll unless they are outfitted
    with a deep keel or stabilizers. Many trawlers, canoes and sailboats
    have round bottoms.

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Posted: 14 July 2009 (gk)
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