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15 February 2008

    Don Park
    Rear Commodore

    Photo of Rear Commodore

    Congratulations and a big "Thank you" are in order for Norm Smith , our Work Party Chair, and his crew of hard working "Captains" for the outstanding job completed* at the Work Party over the weekend of February 9 & 10.. The list of projects completed is extensive, and the club looks spectacular for the Heavy Weather weekend. There were 38 members on Saturday and 22 on Sunday for a total of 480 man hours of work. That may or may not sound lot a lot of man hours to some of you, but when you consider that the club charges $40 per hour for Work Party time not completed, it works out to $19,200 the club saved by the members' "doing it themselves". Remember, the next "scheduled" work party is the weekend of April 26& 27

    Again the Skipperetts did a great job preparing a great lunch A part of the work party that is most appreciated by all attending .

    Spring cruising is soon upon us and it's time to start thinking about getting the Yacht out of hibernation. Some suggestions (please see your owners manual for complete and proper specs) Check Pfds,fire extinguishers, distress signals and expiration date, first aid supplies. Go below decks and look at terminals for corrosion ,inspect the condition of hoses and clamps make sure your below water lines are double clamped. Look at your anchor windless and lubricate. Check out your dingy and outboard: replace the spark plug/check plug wire, change/fill gear lube,lubercate and spray movable parts. The fuel has been sitting for awhile maybe some additive will be needed.

    And lets not forget Sail boaters.. Look for wear and chafing, check battens and batten pockets, all sail attachments inspect bolt rope. Also mast and spreaders for corrosion, boots and shrouds you may want to clean the sail track and check reefing points. The mast head fittings and pulleys then check and lubricate roller furling. Once the safety checks are complete and the yacht is all spruced up, you may want to consider a weekend at Poulsbo for the Famous Saint Paddies day cruise. March 14-16 contact the Fleet Captain for more info on this event.

    Point to Ponder: Admiralty Law, Convoluted body of law which regulates behavior at sea. For example, under admiralty law, captains may perform marriages at sea, but not divorces, bar mitzvahs, or most forms of brain surgery; the eating of one individual on a life boat to sustain the lives of others is permissible under some circumstances, but certain recipes, such as casseroles and all but a few cold dishes, are forbidden; and although it is considered improper for a captain to maroon his passengers on some godforsaken island inhabited by unpleasant natives, this restriction does not apply to the Puget Sound or Bermuda.

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Posted: 15 February 2008 (gk)
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