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16 May 2007

Rear Commodore
Don Park

Did you know that a Gold Fish has a memory of only 3 seconds.. You wonder who would ever get a grant to study goldfish. But you know a person seized the opportunity to make a difference in science how ever so insignificant.

My name is Donald A. Park, raised in Minnesota where the State bird is the Mosquito. But that did not stop me from fishing the lakes, catching Walleye, Northern pike, Sunfish, Blue Gill, and the mighty Muskie. Then when the weather turned cold (20-) the icehouses came out in groves and each fisherman claimed a spot, augured a hole and there he lived for 8 hours a day waiting to catch the derby prize. Skiing was not a big past time since gofers made the tallest hills. Soon it was time to leave the paradise of home, after graduation I joined the Navy and spent my next 4 years on an Aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, arrived in Bremerton in 1979 courtesy of the Navy. In 1980 I was hired as a Shipwright at PSNS. I made my home with my wife Donna in Port Orchard, raised 3 kids along with the Cats, dog's, pigs, Cows Chickens and Horses.

Now at present thanks to our good friends Mike and Lisa Ryan and the wonderful people at BYC we have given up the open rode of motorcycling and turned to Boating and have not regretted a minute. Yes I will admit I am a point hog, but in return my wife and I have met many members, have great memories and made friendships along the way.

Now that we start a new year of boating and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest some of you will, fuel, pack every available space with things you packed last year that is still where you left it, (that's where I put the wood glue) and leave for the summer of cruising and I wish you Fair winds and smooth Sailing. Others will go on club cruises, weekend trips to Blake Island or just a relaxing afternoon.

As your newly elected Rear Commodore I would ask each and every member to seize an opportunity to help out around your Yacht club. And you can make a noticeable difference. There are various committees that could use help and expertise, so please get involved and step up and be an active member.

Don Park
Rear Commodore

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