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Reports from the Bridge

16 April 2006

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

This weekend I hauled my boat out of the water and I feel very fortunate to have such a magnificent convenience provided by the hard work and dedication of the membership. As chance would have it, the wind and rain were present more than not, but nevertheless, working on the boat and getting needed maintenance done was well worth it. As John waited for Daddy to return from working on the boat, he was very pleased and surprised to receive a visit from the Easter Bunny. The Skipperrettes arranged a terrific Easter Egg Hunt and party that was well attended by 30 BYC children and Grandchildren. Everyone was delighted by the Balloon Artist in attendance, who made flowers, hats, and assorted Animals for the kids.

April 22nd I am looking forward to visiting our comrades with you at the Daffodil Weekend at TYC. I have heard so many great things about our neighbors in South Sound that I can't wait to be a part of this fun weekend. Simultaneously, the KID's EXPO is April 22nd at Kitsap Fairgrounds and BYC will have a part displaying information about the Youth Sailing Program. We hope to take part in both events this weekend. It is exciting to see more family oriented programs centered around activities that benefit our community here in Kitsap County.

April 29th is the Queen City Junior Officer's Ball, with a Psychedelic 60's Theme. Too bad my Volkswagen Van quit 30 years ago, or I could arrive in style in my Land Yacht. After the Commodore's Ball, which I hope you are looking forward to, Ball Season will be through until next Fall. Now we can prepare to spend time out of costume and off the dance floor and in our deck shoes on the Water.

The following Weekend is of course, Opening Day - a much-anticipated chance to spend the Weekend kicking off boating Season on Lake Washington and the surrounding Sound. The Caribbean Carnival promises to be a colorful and eventful weekend.

This Year has been a lot like I thought it would be with many meetings, multiple fun times and memorable time spent with club members, working around the club, chatting and just enjoying the company of absolutely great people. With Awards night and Installation right around the corner in May, I am looking forward to next year already. I truly appreciate and wish to thank all of you for your support and volunteer work this year. Your contribution to the club is what makes our establishment tick and function to the fullest. I hope to see you at the events coming up in April and May. Stay safe and healthy for summer cruising, which is right around the corner.

Warm Regards,
Don Hardgrove

"I told you the Easter Bunny was a sailor and could hop!"

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Posted: 16 April 2006 (gk)