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Reports from the Bridge

26 June 2006

Mike Dunn
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

As the middle of June approaches, we can begin to hope for some beautiful boating weather in this Great Northwest. That means gearing up for some serious boating, and some serious socializing at the Club's Picnic-in-the-Park events. This is the real fun part to membership in BYC. After that long and rainy winter and spring, Abbie and I needed to be reminded again what wonderful opportunities Club membership provides. As Abbie we headed out (a couple of days late) to the Memorial Day Cruise, we got an immediate taste of the great times that lie ahead(and the difference between wet and dry weather). Our Fleet Captain, PC Leo Longenecker, and his many helpers, combined with the Super hospitality (WOWIE) of the Anderson Island Fire Department, made for a outing that just blows your socks off. Come out one and all and experience the upcoming opportunities we have in our Club and the many great members you have to enjoy it with.

As a new member of the Bridge, I am excited to get a real insight into the future plans in the works to add even more benefits to Club membership. We all tend to take for granted what a great team we have had over the years in our Officers, Executive Committee, Planning Committee, Flag Officers, Standing Committee Chairmen, and the many Members who continue to step forward as volunteers and give their time and sweat to make this the great club that it is. Keep your finger on the pulse of the Club, and provide your personal input, by attending the meetings of the Monthly Membership , the Executive Committee, the Float Committee, and our hard working (and so very vital) partners in the Skipperettes. If you are a new member, come and learn how the club works. If you are a long time member, come and refresh your memory.

Some of the many things that are in the works include a possible new "Out Station North", and a planned renovation of the Park area south of the Clubhouse by next summer. There will be more on these, and other projects, forthcoming in the Towline and in the fall Membership meetings. In the meantime, catch the June 16th, July 19th, and August 16th Picnic-in-the-Park events, for a last look at the existing park. Head out for some cruising, and join in the QYCY/BYC Big Brother Cruise at Eagle Harbor on June 24th, and then catch the Independence Day Wagonwheel enjoyment of the Poulsbo fireworks show, followed by a special Independence Day Picnic-in -the-Park.

Summer is here. Lets take advantage of all we have available, and lets enjoy it.

To steal a line from Ben Franklin, "I remain your Humble Servant",

Mike Dunn

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Posted: 26 June 2006 (gk)