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16 January 2006

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

Photo of Rear Commodore

Dear Shipmates, the Big Event is upon us. The Yachting Worlds' Largest Log Race! The time when steely eyed Sailors arrive to battle it out, to see who can claim the elusive Heavy Weather Trophy in a test of endurance, skill and daring.

Be sure and come to the autograph and book signing where you will see in the flesh, our own Titan of the Log Racing World, none other than P/C Leo Longnecker whose International Best Seller HOW TO BE A WORLD CHAMPION LOG RACER has shaken the boat racing world. For more information regarding this legendary figure please see, P/C Mike Henry.[ ;-) ]

In order to accommodate the vast crowds wishing to get a glimpse of this world-renowned celebrity event, please bring only one vehicle per family as the parking is going to be at a premium. Also, please visit the Website for detailed information on all of the events forecasted. The Heavy Weather Planning Committee has been working on these events all year long and we hope as many of you as possible can participate. Having your support and presence will really make this a memorable event and will be fun to get together with members of our boating and greater community as well as other Yacht Clubs. The Web team has done a phenomenal job categorizing and organizing the information needed to steer you in the right direction. Please feel free to see their work and to contact me or anyone on the committee for more information.

The next Work Party will be February 11th and 12th and we will be sprucing up the Club and that means pressure washing, if you have a pressure washer bring it along and we can hopefully get rid of some of that green mold that is so prevalent during this time of year. Oh by the way, my son John is planning on spearheading this detail, if you need any assistance or advice he will be on hand.

Has anyone made any New Years Resolutions this year and already been wondering how you can accomplish your goals? Perhaps, you would like to make a resolution you can keep. Make one to frequent the clubhouse and get involved this year.

A little bit of what I have learned in 2005 is that if you need to get something done, form a committee. Committees prefer setting up over tearing down. Don't forget to assign a committee to tearing down. If no one signs up for your committee, call or email them personally. Ask people who volunteer for committees to spread the word to have others get on board. If all else fails then do the work yourself and be prepared to listen to members who pass by ask why didn't you form a committee….

Thank you to everyone for your suggestions, advice, support and recommendations. Your feedback is appreciated and continuously encouraged. Hearing what you think and listening to your ideas has been helpful and instrumental. I welcome hearing from you in 2006.

Don Hardgrove
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 January 2006 (gk)