Chief Pirate from Olympia

The Rear Host

Grand 14 Bridges: Cruise-in at BYC
4 - 6 August 2006

Hopefully, everyone will have a chance to read this report early, since I am now making my first appeal for HELP from everyone who has a boat and will be out boating August 4th through the 6th. That is the Annual “Officers of The Grand 14” Cruise in, which is held at Bremerton Yacht Club. In theory, there could be 39 visiting boats needing to be berthed at BYC. Please contact Float Chairman Dana Cutting or me, if you will have an empty slot in the Club Cover, a Boat Shed, or an Open Slip. If you know of someone who is already out cruising, and you are confident they would allow their shed to be used for the weekend, please pass that info along to us. Your assistance in accommodating the visiting Officers will be GREATLY appreciated.
[R/C Mike Dunn in July/August WebReport]

The motley crew of the (Rear-) Pirates of Puget Sound
I am delighted to report that the 2006 Grand XIV Cruise-In to BYC, on August 4th to 6th, was a huge success. I want to personally thank each of the members who stepped forward to announce that their moorage slip and/or boat shed was available for use during the Cruise-In. I was truly amazed that, thanks to the generosity of our Members, we were able to accommodate 36 visiting Grand XIV Officers' boats. Remarkably, each visitor was moored in a slip, a boat shed, or stern tied at the Reciprocal Docks, and no rafting was required. How many Yacht Clubs can match that feat?

Abbie and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know our group of Rear Commodores (the Class of 2009). We wined and dined the class Friday night, with many thanks to the ever so kind and capable assistance of chefs PC Bob and Gerri Bachman. They also pitched in with park beautification and photos of the Class of 2009.

A Cannon Salute to the Pirates of Puget Sound

Our Mike & Abbie in Front of the Rears

Special thanks also to Sylvia Wilson who offered to do the errand running and frequent walking the ramp for Abbie while she is recovering from surgery. Check out the BYC Web site for more of Sylvia's contributions.

A few glasses of beer and wine after dinner, and the class selected the name PIRATES OF PUGET SOUND with the Logo chosen as a Square Rigged Pirate Ship (AKA Lady Washington). The Vice Commodores', with our own Jenny Hardgrove doing a great job for her Class by filling in for Don while he was drafted for special security duty, provided a great Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast. The Commodores and Vice Commodores, happily wined and dined, ceremoniously inducted our Class of 2009 as Official Members of the Grand XIV Clubs. Great weekend!
R/C Mike Dunn (Excerpts from August Bridge Report)

The burgees of the participating clubs were cut into puzzle size pieces and mixed together.
The "Rear Couples" had to find and assemble the burgee pieces of their Club

They also had to create a song to go with their names to any tune they wanted.

A Pirate Story was read to the assembled crowd
by the Olympia Commodore

The final challenge:
Match these knees to
those of the Commodores!

The Grand Fourteen

Photos: Sylvia Wilson

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