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15 September 2006

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Ron Morse

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As the cruising season ends, the social season begins as well as all the projects to be completed in the coming year. I hope everyone has had a fun filled, relaxing summer and is ready to participate in the events ahead.

CAPT Brett hopes to present the plans for the Railway "makeover" at the first General Meeting in October. There will not only be new walkways and gates but also a complete cover with a sliding roof section to accommodate sailboats. This will not only make for comfortable working conditions during the winter months but also help us meet the new environmental restrictions. Be sure to be there to hear this presentation and have your questions answered. Those planning to use the railway before this is completed, please take the time to read the current instructions on the use of the railway and ask any committee member for help if you have any questions. We must make the effort to comply or we will lose this valuable Club asset.

We continue to dialog with Pope Industries at Port Gamble in hopes of developing an Outstation North. There will be monthly updates at the General Meetings.

By the time we have the first social event of the fall season, we hope to have the old accordion door replaced between the social hall and the lounge. Many thanks to CAPT McWaid, our House and Grounds Chairman, for getting this project going. Speaking of social events, The Annual Salmon Bake was a huge success thanks to the efforts of CAPT Gonzales and his crew. We fed almost 200 people! Next up will be Oktoberfest hosted by P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler. Be sure to use the signup sheet in the lounge as this is always a well attended event.

Thanks to the efforts of Fire Marshall CAPT Jim Markham, the fire mains are now up and running. We are now looking at bids to replace the "B" and "C" String runs as well as all the hoses at the stations. In this issue you will find a FIRE PREVENTION CHECKLIST that we ask all marina members to complete and place in the box on the counter in the lounge. This will not only help to get our boats ready for the winter, but also refresh our memory on safe practice. Please take this action seriously and not have a marina fire!

V/C Hardgrove, P/C Miller and their committee have planned a spectacular Junior Officer Ball on the 28th of October. The theme will be based on a USO Show taking place in WWII. I understand that Bob Hope and Betty Grable will even make an appearance. Be sure to sign up early as this promises to be a wonderful event and a chance to meet all the Junior Officers of the Grand XIV yacht clubs.

Ron Morse

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Posted: 15 September 2006 (gk)