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8 October 2005

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Ron Morse
Vice Commodore

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I write this early as Penny and I are off to Iowa for a family reunion. Although several events are planned, I have a feeling that part of the time I will be following a combine in a grain truck. There is nothing like the upper midwest in the fall harvest!

The Oktoberfest celebration hosted by P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler was another huge success. It seems like it just gets better every year! The addition of the "Uum-Pa" band made the evening really seem authentic. I hope next year becomes the 6th annual celebration.

Next up will be the New Member's Night with a Wine Tasting theme hosted by CAPT Andy and Nancy Kupp. Come out and welcome our new members and their spouses and enjoy a wonderful evening of wine, food and entertainment. Remember, all new members who joined after the event last year are our guests but please signup so we know who will be joining us.

Following that event will be the first Sunday Breakfast of the season hosted by CAPT Dan and Dianne Robinson. All you new members who are looking for points get in contact with these event chairmen and volunteer to help. It is a great way to learn about the Club, see how the social events are put together, meet some great new friends, and add to your point total!

Looking ahead at December, we see the Special People's Cruise and the Lighted Boat Parades. Please be thinking about how you can contribute to these events as it is a wonderful way to show that BYC gives something back to the community. These two events create enjoyment for hundreds of people during the holidays and has become a Bremerton tradition through the years. Be part of it and join the fun!

In closing, I again ask that ALL members take part in keeping our facilities looking great and appealing to our visitors and guests. I mentioned these same concerns last month but I am still finding evidence of carelessness. Please pickup those items dropped and laying around and put the trash in the dumpster, not in the galley and head trash cans. If you use the workshop, empty the waste cans into the dumpster even if they are not full. Please stop relying on that mysterious someone else to do it for you. When members see others picking up around the Club, it will become contagious - and that is GOOD!


Ronald Morse
Vice Commodore

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Posted: October 2005 (gk)