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15 September 2004

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Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore
Photo of Vice Commodore

The final Picnic in the Park, August 18th, chaired by Capt. Ron Cleave and First Mate Carol was well attended and a good time was had by all. Thanks to all of you who stepped forward to make the summer's three Picnics so enjoyable. We are certainly fortunate to have this wonderful asset, our "park in the trees", available for these functions.

It's amazing how many times I have heard from members of other clubs who comment on how lucky we are to have the park. I like to tell them that it wasn't luck, but good foresight by our club's forefathers who made it happen. Not only did they see the future with the park, but also the Oro Bay Outstation. Perhaps it's time we thought of future generations of BYC members and consider what legacy we can leave to them…..perhaps another outstation to the north…. a larger marina (D Float?), a second story for the clubhouse? If you have ideas, and are willing to get involved, let me know.

The Labor Day Cruise to our Outstation in Oro Bay was a resounding success! Many thanks to those who helped make it such a wonderful weekend. Particular thanks go to P/C Gary Carr and his crew of engineers, painters, artists and helpers who helped turn Capt. Brian Golden's Ford Pickup truck into "Steamboat Willy" the BYC float for the Anderson Island Labor Day Parade. Be sure to visit the BYC web site to view photos of the float, parade participants and the events that took place over the weekend at our Outstation. You can see all of the photos in the "Members Only" section, by registering on our web site at to gain access, or check your August (pg. 7) or September (pg. 6) Towline for more info. We had 35 boats over the weekend, and in addition to the parade and the meals, the crabbing and salmon fishing (talk to Jytte Wheeler) proved that Oro Bay was the place to be on Labor Day weekend. Our Fleet Captain, Steve Stearns, once again, provided us with a memorable weekend of fun and wonderful food.

If you missed the Salmon BBQ on September 12th, you missed a humdinger of a meal. Capt. Bob Stanberry and First Mate Stephanie Marone, and their "Salmon Feed Specialists" prepared the meal again this year and outdid themselves. Sharon and I were at the Rainier Yacht Club for their JO Ball for the weekend and were so afraid we wouldn't make it back in time for the "feed". However, time and tide were with us (NOBSKA was racing home at 11.8 knots at times) and we arrived just in time to partake of this wonderful annual event. The crew served 111 meals and no one went home hungry.

Our next big event is Oktoberfest, on October 8th, chaired by P/C Bob and First Mate Jytte Wheeler, so break out your lederhosen and get ready for a rousing evening of fun, good German food and beer. Be sure to sign up for this ever popular event. The sign up sheet is on the lounge bulletin board. Unfortunately, Sharon and I won't be able to attend, as we will (fortunately) be attending a celebration of my mom's 90th and dad's 92nd birthday back at the family home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We'll be "back East" from October 7th through the 17th. While we will miss Oktoberfest, we feel blessed that we can celebrate these milestone occasions with my parents and my siblings.

Last, but by no means least, don't forget to sign up for the Sunday morning breakfast on October 24th. The date was moved up a week so as not to conflict with the Fleet Captain's Halloween Cruise to Port Orchard Marina on the weekend of October 29-31. I'm sure you'll read more about the cruise elsewhere in this issue. Hope to see you there.

In the mean time, I'll see you 'round the club.

Charles Billings
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 15 September 2004