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Reports from the Bridge

16 June 2004

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Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore

Those who missed the Memorial Day Cruise to Oro Bay, missed a GREAT weekend. Sure it may have rained a bit, and the wind may have come up with a little more velocity than we're used to, but the less than perfect weather was more than outweighed by the fun. The highlight of the weekend was the BBQ party at the Anderson Island Fire Chief's home on the water across from the outstation. The prelude to the party was a "dinghy poker run" to various spots in the bay to pick up cards for your 5 card hand. I know this is hard to believe, but you would be amazed at the cheating and skull-duggery that took place. Swapping cards to get the best hand was the norm. However, "honesty" prevailed, and Josephine Carr won with the best "non-cheater's" hand. Then the party really started - great food, live local bluegrass musical talent from Anderson Island, and more prizes were drawn. The potlucks, steak fry, breakfast, precision golf game (Laurie Stearns won the grand prize of a new GPS after making TWO holes-in-one), the Memorial Day Observance were all wonderful thanks to the preparation and organization of our Fleet Captain Steve and Laurie Stearns. Thank you both for a job well done.

The Commodore's Ball held on June 5th was a huge success. The crew lead by P/C Bill and Lynne Rumbold did a fantastic job! The event was well attended, dinner was delicious, and everyone appeared to have a wonderful time. It was really appropriate that our Ex-Commodore Bob and Gerri Bachman arrived in a 1929 Ford "Model A" automobile, built the year our club was founded.

Our next event is the first Picnic-in-the-Park to be held on June 16th, chaired by Capt. Don and Melinda Knapp. Sharon and I will be unable to attend due to a prior commitment (we leave the 15th for the Nordic Tugs 25th Anniversary Rendezvous held in Anacortes). I'm sure the picnic will be a rousing success, and I will report on it next month.

Don't forget the annual QCYC/BYC Big Brother Cruise-In, commencing on June 25th. I know our Fleet Captain Steve and Laurie Stearns have the weekend well planned to ensure everyone has a good time. Come on out and support your club. In the event you'll be away from the club and your slip may be available for use, please let the Fleet Captain know. I've been told there will be a large contingent of QCYC members coming. They may be anticipating revenge for the shellacking they took last year at the hands of the BYC Racing Team in the "Build & Race a Boat" contest.

July starts out with an unofficial Raft up in Liberty Bay for the Poulsbo Fireworks display on the 3rd.

Next up is the summer's second Picnic-in-the-Park scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st, to be chaired by Captain Andy and Nancy Kupp (a relatively new member team) who jumped right into the action to support the activities of BYC. Watch for the flyer on the club lounge bulletin board.

The Grand Fourteen Officers Cruise-In is scheduled for 6-8 August. If your slip will be available, please let R/C Ron Morse know so he can assign slips to our guest visiting officers.

Last but not least, support your club's Youth Sailing Program by volunteering to help if you have the time. The program runs through July 30th (Monday-Friday) so you'll have plenty of opportunity to get involved. Contact the club manager, Jim Busse, Capts. Mike Knight or Mark Danielson for more information.

See you 'round the club, or on the water.

Charlie Billings
Vice Commodore

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Posted: 15 June 2004