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Reports from the Bridge

Mid-April 2004

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

I can't believe this past year has gone by so quickly! Here it is May already, and summer feels like it's been going on for a month, what with the beautiful weather we had in April. We've had two offers of contributions as Memorials to beautify the park and picnic area so far. If you'd like to contribute a flowering plant, shrub or tree, see me or Capt. Dave Cordador, the H&G Chairman.

It's nice to see so many members coming down to the floats to get their boats ready for the summer cruising season. I know we all have various projects to complete on our boats and perhaps our boathouses, but we also have many projects yet to complete around the club before the end of the fiscal year. To that end, the last Work Party of the year is scheduled for May 15 & 16. If you don't have your work party time in yet, be sure to sign up soon. Not only will it allow our Work Party Chair, Capt. Don Sherwood, to better schedule work tasks, but it will facilitate the meal preparation by our dedicated Skipperettes who will be providing lunch for Saturday and Sunday during the work party.

Remember, our BYC Regulation F.6.e., requires payment for unperformed work party time. This year the assessed work party time is sixteen hours, with an hourly rate of $40/hour for unperformed time.

Another reminder - as the cruising season approaches, and the ice machine gets more use, don't forget to fill "two for one" for the freezer. Be considerate of your fellow members.

While on the subject of reminders, please watch your wake, particulary when transiting the whole area of Port Washington Narrows. One of our members noticed a couple of fellow members leaving quite a wake as they went by Evergreen Park, causing children on the float to "hold on for dear life", and a boater trying to launch his boat almost lose it when the BYC member's wake hit the shore. Having a child injured or a boat damaged as a result of one of our member's inconsiderate action would be a heavy load to have on your conscience as well as potentially being very expensive. Enough said.

By the time you read this, we will have had two calls for nominations for the three Bridge Officers, as well as two new members of the E-committee. Election of Officers is scheduled for the General Meeting on May 3rd. Come out to the meeting, participate and get involved. The club is for all of us….be a part of it.

See you 'round the club or on the water,

Charlie Billings
Rear Commodore

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Posted: 16 April 2004