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Reports from the Bridge

17 August 2004

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Rod Perryman
Photo of Commodore

Once again we find ourselves asking, it can’t be September already, what happened to Summer? There is still good cruising weather though, as both September and October probably have a few beautiful “Indian Summers”in store for us.

We had a year end report at the August 9th E-Committee meeting on the Youth Sailing Program presented by Chairman Capt.Mike Knight [or here]. Mike talked about enrollment, totaling 47 this year, compared to 23 last year, and still growing.. This year included a Boy Scout Class of 5, Other Beginners-33, Intermediates-6,Adults-3.All this could not have been possible without the many volunteers.
Capt. Mike Knight Chair, Capt. Mark Danielsen-Marketing, Capt. Ed Schmid-Instructor for Adult Class, Capt Gunter Krumme-Web Page, Capt Tim Baker-All around helper, Safety Boat Drivers, Capts Gunnar Larsen, Gunter Krumme, Mike Dunn, Roger Gray, Paul Smith, Mike Thomas and Harry Davis, and last but not least our Facilities Manager Jim Busse. Again thank you one and all but especially you, Captain Mike Knight, for putting it all together and charting its future. I’m sure, with people like these, that this worthwhile and wholesome program will continue to grow and evolve into one of the better sailing programs in the Puget Sound.

Capt Jay Spearman gave a report at the August 9th E-Committee meeting detailing the findings of the Marina Piling Inspection. The inspection revealed in short that about 20% of the Marina piling are in need of replacement. It looks as if the Planning Committee has its number one up-coming priority identified.

Flowers beautiful flowers everywhere. Thanks to Capt David Cordodor, for all his hard work in keeping the flowers around the Club not only alive, but looking wonderful. wew what a hot summer we are having, it’s a wonder that any of the plants have survived. Dave, your efforts in this matter are appreciated.

At the August 9th E-Committee meeting it was noted that the Oro Bay Desalination Plant was broken-down again. Hopefully Capt Bryan Golden will have it up and running again before the Labor-Day Cruise.

BYC Fishing Derby 1 Salmon on the ladder, Capt. Vic Piotrowski winner. Thanks to Capt. Brett & Lynetta Halffman for putting together a well organized Fishing Derby, lots of nice prizes as almost everybody walked away with a prize. See all you fishermen & women for next year's derby.

PETS must be kept on a leash at all times when on Club Grounds. Please be courteous to other members and observe all rules governing pets, thanks..

On a sad note I’m sorry to report that Captain Bill Marshall, a member since 1966 has passed away. Capt. Marshall’s wife Doreen has asked that all remembrances and gifts be donated to the Youth Sailing Program in Capt. Marshall’s name. There will be a “Crossing of the Final Bar” Ceremony at the 20 September General Meeting.

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Posted: 17 August 2004